Saturday, March 22, 2003

i like hearing hellos over online radio. {g}

saw The Ring tonight. half the time i spent listening to the reactions of the czech viewers. see, if you've ever seen czech films, chances are you'll have picked up on the twisted, dark/bleak sense of humour. there's already been a few films that i've seen where you hear people laughing or joking at points that, in north america, would prolly be silent and/or spooky and/or creepy. like the short animated film with the girl stealing limbs for her legless love and helping death take away the souls of the other soldiers. the czechs were so jovial during that film..

**(i don't think this is a spoiler at all, but if you're really picky about these things, don't read. course, i saw the film in the czech republic, everyone else will have seen it by now...)**
so when she's standing there holding the now-decomposed body/skeleton in the water, when it's supposed to be some mixture of heartbreaking and relieving and enlightening... the theatre was full of people making jokes and laughing out loud.
**(end of not-a-spoiler-at-all)**

i loved it. poor lida didn't notice. she was too busy curled up in a ball hiding her head in alister's shoulder. she didn't know it was going to be a scary movie, y'see...

poor girl. {g}

cleaned the kitchen completely, which involved a great many dishes. strange, considering that i hadn't cooked since i'd returned when i washed them. noo... not bitter at all... but now i know the kitchen's clean. sitting listening to irma and ed on cjsf. first time since i came out here, actually. s'nice hearing familiar voices from so far away.

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