Sunday, March 23, 2003

i haven't written much about italia yet, have i. it'll come out eventually. fixing up photos tonight, actually. although like before, i found i was taking a lot more photos with the real camera, not the digital one, so i'm not going to have so many to post. but i'll get some up sometime soon. sarah's being productive! but anyways, here's something.

agerola (aka Heaven) was amazing. Best Hostel Ever with the nicest host in the world. went hiking every day because it was so beautiful, just wanted to see more. paolo, aka nicest hostel owner ever, had put together directions for a couple of hikes already, which was handier than i expected it to be at times. however, they'd obviously been written (or at least translated) by him, and as good as his english may be, he's not quite fluent. which really, is all the more fun. with the directions you knew what he meant most of the time, but there was one part that confused me to no end:

Taking the left has passed crossing the Mediterranean stain and it is arriced next to some house of the fraction of Tovere and the petrol of pumping with the God mother.

no idea what he meant with the God mother pumping petrol. that is, not until i got there and saw it:

just a petrol point with the virgin mary on top. of course. why didn't i think of that? {g}

i loved the amalfi coast for so many reasons...

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