Friday, March 28, 2003

got an email from my mom telling me that she's arriving in prague on may 10th, and flying out of frankfurt on may 27th. i'm only out here until june 3rd (i think). so much for the idea of travelling around europe a little more after school ends.. it's going to be travel around (and try not to go insane) with my mother for two weeks, and then spend a pointless week in southern germany for one week, before leaving europe for a very long time.

i'm a little annoyed by this. why couldn't she have come before may? then i could have had one month to travel on my own? or at least, time to travel without feeling guilty for not travelling with my mom? of all ways to spend my last few weeks abroad, spending them with my mother is prolly at the bottom of the list. especially when i'll be going back a couple weeks after that and spending a very long time in close quarters with her for who knows how long.


i'm definately not seeing spain now. so frustrating.

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