Tuesday, March 25, 2003

finding some interesting articles linked in and around here, but i think this one's rather interesting to start with. as is this one.

actually. just a minor comment. it's starting to bother me, coming across comments by people, how there are so many people determined that things be black and white. just because someone's against the war doesn't mean that they don't realise/think/whathaveyou that saddam hussein is just a bit of a bad person. doesn't mean that they don't think that the iraqi people should be allowed a different leader, a different life. it just means that they think there were better ways of going about it. and would like to think that there still are. and are hoping that this ends as soon as possible with as little life lost as possible. but as for the last bit, no matter what your opinion is, i think everyone's of that mindset.

just getting annoyed with the "this or that" mentality that's unfortunately almost always around anyways. it just becomes all the more apparent during crises.

yes, by "they" i mean "i"...

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