Sunday, March 23, 2003

a couple of random links. i'm cleaning out thoughts and my computer at the same time.

don't know how much longer this will be there, everyone has prolly seen it already, but oh well. asian boys are funny.

saw an art show this past week. works by ales vesely. giant sculptures and land art. much of the exhibition was drawings, models, and plans for hora hor, "mountain of mountains". very odd. very strange. entirely pointless by my way of thinking. kinda cool. he's apparently the head of monumental sculptures these days at the academy of fine arts in prague these days. i would love to meet him. the show was also accompanied by some music he recorded, "sounds of sculptures". noises of his sculptures being "played", apparently. bizarre. i liked. much.

someone sent me a techno video featuring rainbow brite. despite everything else that was on the cd, i think it was that alone that made me miss her lots right now. thank you julie.. {g}

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