Sunday, March 23, 2003

it's not even 2 in the afternoon but it feels like 6 at night
losing one day to sleep alters your perceptions
so does talking to people on the other side of the world

should be finishing a letter
should be mailing postcards
should be putting together tracks to burn a cd
should be buying the black cd to burn
should be emailing a prof who still doesn't know i'm in her class
should be emailing some of the countless numbers of people owed emails
should be finishing a book
should be outside at the park
should be eating real food
should be starting a photo project
should be doing something productive

sitting in pjs
watching cartoons
eating skittles
sending messages to people who hear from me all the time
reading news that isn't new
wishing i could be writing arts for a newspaper
wanting to play around at cjsf
listening to cash, glass, and others with last names that are objects
constantly reloading my email page in hopes of something exciting
listening to burning branches across the street (spring cleaning)

what an exciting sunday.

aside: my skittles tolerance has dropped drastically. i can't eat near as many in one sitting as i used to. so sad.

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