Thursday, January 23, 2003

the one day i'm just sitting around online not doing much, i don't get a single new email. granted, there's a ton that i should reply to, but that's never as much fun as getting something new!

more very strange dreams. i'm thinking that maybe it's the room i'm sleeping in. one more night, that's all.

why aren't long-distance phone calls from canada as cheap as they are in germany?

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

having a dream this morning about joe pesci trying to kidnap the daughter of the people i'm staying with at the moment. of all people, an actor who i don't really care about either way, who i haven't seen in too many films really, and most importantly, who i haven't seen in any films recently (ie: in at least a year, prolly much longer).

sitting down to watch tv, finding the only english film, which just happens to be Raging Bull, which just happens to have joe pesci in it. and, he was the first actor i saw when i flipped to the channel.

after SO MUCH TROUBLE... i finally have the right knee brace! i hope. so long as it does it's job.

it looks pretty nifty, at least...

well, for $1000, it better.

and now i just have to wait for knee surgery, and everything will be good again!


Monday, January 20, 2003

course, the one bad thing about being in a country where you don't know the language, is it gives you plenty of time to think about things, because you don't understand what's being said around you. so you drift off and think about things. and some things you think about too much, and they become Big Things, even if they shouldn't be.

oh well. hopefully i still know enough french that france won't give me the chance to dwell upon my own thoughts.

i really want to learn german, though. s'fun. the u with the two dots (umlaut?) is my favourite sound.
i just had the fun of reading german children a bedtime story. in german. i have no idea what i just read. well, except that it was disney's version of the hunchback of notre dame.

it was like one giant tongue twister, though. my mouth is tired.

Friday, January 17, 2003

art galleries are stupid. sorta.

was out and about exploring the museum ludwig in koln, germany today, full of modern art, really neat to see some artworks there. realised that seeing andy warhol images is incredibly funny if you're all about seeing the original, because there was one, forget the exact title, but something like 'double elvis', and it's just a silkscreen of two images of elvis. and it's part of a series of images like that, all nearly identical. one of which i already saw in berlin as well. and it really is almost identical, if not absolutely identical. so really, as much as i like a lot of warhol stuff, seeing the original thing is rather pointless. a lot of his art was made of reproductions of pop culture images, isn't it only proper that you see reproductions of his artwork as well? but i digress.

there was one piece there, 'black market' by robert rauschenberg. a small trunk, open, with objects inside, catalogued, and a notebook and stamps, and viewers were invited to take an object from the trunk and replace it with something new, catalogued and stamped to keep track of what had been there before. dunno a thing about the guy, but the description accompanying the piece explained that when he made it (sometime in the early 1960s) he intended it to encourage people to take part in the artwork and to be involved in it as well, that he wanted it to be an ever-changing work. now when i saw it, there were the notebook-holders up on the wall, without any notebooks in them, although the pen was still there. and the trunk was closed, but even on top it said 'open'. so i did. and the place for the stamps was empty, and the trunk was relatively barren, although there were a few items in there afterall: old maps, a pen... the one on top made me laugh. a girl from toronto had torn off a canadian flag sticker and left it there with the date and place of origin and her name written on the back of it. of all things, a canadian flag. hee. anyways, i was just getting a kick out of that when the security guard came over and started telling me off for touching the artwork. i pointed to the writeup and to the 'open' note and showed him that the artist intended it to be handled. but no, he would have none of that! 'this is a museum! you can't touch things here!' and finally i gave up, pointed out his ignorance one last time, and took off to the next room. didn't get to leave anything of mine behind either.

but really. what's the point of having a piece of artwork in a gallery, one that was intended to be touched and changed and worked with, if no one's allowed to go near it? if the artist's intentions for it are gone, it's not really that piece of art anymore, now, is it. he meant for people to be a part of art, rather than just to stand back from it and admire it from afar, but the gallery wouldn't allow it. they're too busy trying to distance everyone from the art, because all these things are Special because they're made by Special People called 'Artists' and if we were Special we'd have things in a gallery too, but obviously we're not, so how dare we even approach these amazing works of Art.

stupid art galleries. stupid art gallery guards.

of course, we're not going to mention how i may have broken (or at least loosened) part of another sculpture earlier on because i was curious whether it was actually attached or loose. i think it was supposed to be loose, judging by the title of the piece, but the art gallery didn't want pieces stolen, so they glued things down. it didn't come apart, but i heard the glue crack when i tried to lift it up, so... yeah. whoops.

but for crying out loud, what on earth can you experience if you can't touch it too, if you so desire?

at least with 'Black Market' i had every right to be touching it.

stupid galleries...

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

sorry to've been sounding so spoilt ("oh poor me, life is so hard, while i'm here in europe!"). so i'm shutting up now.

train service was terrible yesterday. one train was delayed because of something on the tracks. conductor set up an alternative route because those of us going to amsterdam missed our connection. the connecting train was delayed, then something was wrong with it, still got to the station alright. had an hour to kill. then found out our train wasn't coming because it was broken. and then it was coming. and then it was coming 30 minutes late. and then 20 minutes later. and then we had no idea what was up. so a trip that should have been only 5 hours took nearly 7 or 8. whee. met some nice aussies "backpacking" with backpacks with trolley wheels and having to rough it in hotels without personal televisions. life's tough for them.


but yes. in amsterdam. wasting time until i get back to germany to pick up the knee brace. if everything works out. also hoping and praying that my student loans go through alright, hoping on a power of attorney letter to make things okay, but i won't trust it until it's proven itself.

ai yi yi.

Saturday, January 11, 2003

forgot to tell the story about the photos! see, they were black and white photographs. except i had asked people at home to develop them for me before i got there, in hopes that i could zip something together when i got home (this was before i realised i'd be deathly ill upon reaching home). so someone didn't realise that it was a roll of black and white, and dropped it off for processing, and somehow the people at the photo place didn't realise that it was black and white, and processed them for colour. i'm not entirely sure why they didn't notice that, but i guess they didn't, hence the funny tints to a bunch of the pictures. sorry rannie! although actually, i like the end result.

currently outside hamburg in a city i can't pronounce. currently trying to figure out where to go and where to have the knee brace couriered to. currently getting very annoyed at not knowing what to do. currently trying to figure out where to go with brent when he comes out, so i don't end up going there now. currently noticing that prices have risen considerably since we last checked them. currently worried he won't be able to come out either, now that sharon's prolly not coming either. currently very frustrated.

Thursday, January 09, 2003

it's been a crazy time. knee pops out badly again. get super duper sick. come home, get better. get other people super duper sick. baby them til they're better. get sick again. spend days trying to figure out what's wrong with my knee and get a proper brace. spend $1000 doing so. find out it's a torn ACL. and now i'm off to the airport to go back to europe, and i never posted rannie's photos for the film exchange, and i'm really really sorry but i don't even have time to set them up nicely or anything, but i have to share the pictures at least, because i don't know when i'll get the chance to once i leave. sorry rannie. especially since you had mine up since christmas eve. yikes.. here's your pictures at least, i'll set up a proper gallery when i can, but it might be awhile still.


see you in europe.