Saturday, December 21, 2002

only a mad recap of things, because i don't have decent 'net access and yet i feel bad not writing about what's going on. silly, but so what.

so i'm in büchen at the moment. and it's quite lovely. started snowing the day i got here, and it's still white all about. went to berlin for a few days. absolutely loved the place. didn't get as much music-searching in as a i wanted, and the trip was curtailed by my knee popping out. again. and at the moment it actually feels almost as bad as it did when i first hurt it in january. have i mentioned how much i hate my body? can't wait to go home and talk to the doctors, because they said everything is fine, but if it's still popped out of place 3 times in the past month and a bit, surely there's a problem. however. did get to walk around the city a lot. did get to be astounded looking at buildings with bullet holes from 60 years ago still in them. did get to use friendly australians as human crutches. did get to try glühwein. did get to find a bunch of berlin music to love and not get around to buying. did get to see bertholt brecht's grave. and hegel. and engels. and yes, it was a minor thrill to see those, because i'm sad. the hamburger banhof, the pergamon, the jewish museum, and more. did get to know that i definately want to go back. missed the dali show, unfortunately, but oh well. money saved, i suppose.

had fun at christmas markets and tagging along with jasmin and her german friends. found it incredibly frustrating that i can't understand german, although they all seem really nice, but whatever. they did watch a bunch of movies in english (and we all mocked spiderman all the way through) last night. we need to find babelfishes though. i'd be so happy to understand someone else's conversation on the tram or be able to do more than just smile and nod and shrug helplessly when someone asks you a question. being a tourist and not knowing the language really means you have to feel like an idiot. not so much fun.

but life goes on.

...4 more days...

Sunday, December 15, 2002

[surprise internet access in the dorms still, hurrah!]

reason #46 why prague is great:
snack-shopping for the train in carrefour (prague's answer to safeway), busy as hell, but there's a bunch of samples about the place. including samples of wine, beer, brandy and other assorted shots, and much much more. oh, and some snacky mccain's food that you microwave first. which meant that the sample people gave you the food, and you stood in line to microwave it yourself in one of the four microwaves set up at another table. yay self-service! but yes. only in europe, can you get drunk on food samples in supermarkets.

didn't try most, sadly, although zlutypramen or whatever the hell that was wasn't entirely distasteful...

Saturday, December 14, 2002

off to germany first thing tomorrow morning. gonna be back in canada for christmas. exciting times.

also: it's very empty here now.

also: i'm very hungry. i'm bringing portuguese cheese with me to germany though, so that should be fun.

buying train ticket, must go.
tomorrow's the day we're supposed to be checked out of our rooms. i'm sleeping over in someone else's for the next night, before going to germany. get to see jasmin (crazy german girl), which is good. i just hope that germany doesn't turn into another calgary experience, feeling stuck there and just wanting to either be moving on or returning to where i came from. well, i'd only be wanting to make it back to vancouver, i think. so hopefully that won't be the case.

jasmin should be a good enough distraction, i think.

good lord, though, have i ever accumulated a lot of stuff. or maybe i just brought it all with me from the beginning. i don't know where it's all come from, though, but it's frightening. i may end up taking an extra suitcase home with me afterall, which was far from planned.

i have to remember to email my czech lit essay before i go to bed tonight. i'd do it now, but it still needs a final sentance. and i'm too busy not packing to do anything else right now.

i'm getting rid of everything. gonna go home, go through everything there, and i'm certain i'll be able to toss almost everything i own. well, except for the wedding dress. and the fedora. and the cow skull. and all the cds. but i betcha i can dump almost every magazine i have stored beneath my bed. if there's anything you want that you know or think i might have, lemme know, chances are it'll be yours.

Friday, December 13, 2002

i'm going to miss my current roommate next semester. she's only here the one semester, going back to the US in a day or so. i wasn't so sure about her from the beginning, she was nice, but i was a little concerned that there wasn't too much beneath the niceness. but then in the past month we've had a number of bonding conversations of a sort. and today with both commiserated in our respectively shitty days (her credit card company's stolen $600, she can't stop over in france and amsterdam anymore because she's out of money, and just frustrated with everyone leaving and wanting to just be home already. i'm with her on the last one today.. home means no more paper!). and.. that's all there is to say about it. i'll just miss her. she really is a well-meaning sweetheart.

oh, everythig is so melancholy and maudlin today!! it's revolting. makes me want to darn near puke.
according to ladislav klima:
the world is the creation of the individual's imagination, it is his plaything; in relation to the world man is a god, is God, directing everything; his will is the highest law, he himself is absolute will.

now wouldn't it be nice if saying things like that actually made them true?
guess what!!

it's snowing. lightly, but it's still snowing.

that's about all the good that i've got going for me today. brent's just found out that he'll have to work at the studio for the second week that i'm home. which means he'll be there long hours and overnights and all the way out in tsawassen, so the likelihood of me seeing him much is pretty much nil. so during my second week at home i won't get to see him when he's really the reason i was going home in the first place. nor will i see too many other people because some are working and some are returning to school away from vancouver and some just aren't going to be around. so really, my second week at home's pointless.

part of me really wants to change my flight so that i can go home earlier, just so that i actually get to see some people. but then i'll be abandoning the people in germany who want me there for christmas. really, i don't care about christmas with anyone, at this point i just want to go home. but i'm guessing it would be reasonably difficult to change my ticket. and the german people wouldn't like me much then.

everything felt like it was going so well there for awhile...

whatever. one paper. berlin. hamburg. vancouver. one good week, i hope. one boring week. and then away for another five months. whee.

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

on the down side...
...i have one more paper to write
...i missed a phonecall from brent, who chooses the one morning i have class to call
...there will be no living-in-mansions while i'm home
...everyone is leaving in the next three days and i'm never going to see most of these people ever again. it's sad.
...i have no long rambly emails from certain someones with which to procrastinate. even though they were promised. even though i bet you anything they've got things to ramble on about candles runneth-ed over and now the wax is stuck to the dishtowels like a motherfucker. any tips on getting candle wax out?

on the up side...
...i have only one more paper to write
...people finally recognised my ring tone when my phone went off in class today. yaaay fraggles! two weeks and 12 hours i'll be seeing brent at the vancouver airport
...there will still be visiting and playing around in mansions and studios
...i almost feel inspired to write the paper. almost
...the weather in prague's been glorious all week long. we haven't hit 0 degrees celsius once is just a happy day in general

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

current list of curses:

1 in-class essay in 3.5 hours
1 8-pg paper to be written by thursday
1 oral presentation for tomorrow morning, yet to be written
1 (more) visit to the foreign police in hopes that i can give them everything they want (last time they refused to take it, told me to come back thursday)
last-chance shopping for people at home
packing everything both for canada, as well as for a month-worth of travelling in january

and then i'm free. sorta. not really. but i'll pretend.
a letter to matt, as his email addy doesn't seem to be working:

subject: this is a pointless email

my dearest matt,

i am ever so jealous of your access to stereo total.
and that's all that i have to say about that.

with love,
sarah :)
happy neil innes' birthday!

Monday, December 09, 2002

Saturday, December 07, 2002

i like.

i also like. (turn on the sound.)

too much fun.

it works. it's true.


hurrah and jodi! boo to papers!

so i'm thinking about claiming not to have been in a course for credit in order to escape one paper. it's feasible. and i have no idea what to write for it either. there's a first time for everything...
guess what, i'm an aunty! congratulations to chris and michelle, who, as of december 4th, now have a baby daughter, celest!
what with all that excitement, i forgot to post what i originally meant to.

after spending a full 2 hours wasting my time completely because government organisations suck and visas suck and criminal record checks for a country that you've never lived in before this year suck, i was taking the tram home when this fellow got on and stood right next to me. i was standing on one of the stairs so i was a little lower than most people, wasn't paying attention to most of them, but i noticed him when he got on. he seemed nice and sweet in a billy boyd sort of way. and then i noticed that sticking out from beneath his vest was the mouth of a gun. and suddenly he went from being sweet and innocent to someone to beware of.

i don't know if he was a cop on his off-time, although his clothes looked a little too scruffy (particularly the boots), and he had stubble and messy hair, so i have no idea why he had a gun. it was very strange standing next to him after i saw that though.

forgive me, i'm canadian, guns everywhere are a little strange to me...
so while i'm at it, some random shots i've been saving up:

my favourite grafitti, that i pass most days on the tram...

a shot i like from a music fest...

and a terribly terribly wrong statue...

...and every other image needs to be resized, i think, but i'll do that another time. sorry these ones are so big. at least they should fit the screen, though. you'll just have to see the view from my class window another time. {g}
look! look! it's groovy saint christopher!

yes, everything's finally working properly, and sarah is a happy camper. who should be writing papers. but let's not dwell on the bad things now, deal?

Friday, December 06, 2002

just realised that i have access into any other computer connected to the 'net here in the dorm. opened a folder accidentally and suddenly saw access to so many other computers. which is a little perturbing. so i went and moved any folders that people would have access to if they went into my computer.

on the plus side, i found someone's music folder. stole a few songs off them.

sing on, neil diamond, sing on.

(and yes, i took two strokes songs as well. shut up. they wore me down.)
happy saint nicholas (or mikulas in czech) day, or however you spell it. got to see people dressed up as angels and devils walking around to frighten small children tonight. rather exciting, really.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

1 in-class essay on tuesday
1 oral presentation next wednesday
4 papers (27 pages) to be written by next wednesday
- 11 pages due monday
- 11 pages have topics set
- 16 pages have no topic and few ideas figured out at all
- 1 page written so far

next friday i think i'm leaving for germany and won't be back in prague until february, which means i have to pack by then as well.

end of semester sucks.
somebody has stolen our corkscrew. i swear we had one at some point, but can't find it at all.

s'a cryin' shame.
hurrah and huzzah, turns out the concert was cancelled! you know why it was cancelled? because tragically, i couldn't make it, being a good student and sitting here slaving away writing papers. and by writing papers, of course i mean enjoying new music and playing spider solitaire. because that's what paper-writing is all about, isn't it?
why have i had a million and one hits for "frankie muniz barefoot pics"? what's that boy been up to? and why am i ranked as the second site?
it's 3pm and it's already getting dark. you'd think that after 23 years, a person'd start to get used to these sorts of things.

it's also nice and misty outside. i'm pretending it's snowing, even though it's still too warm.

i'm dying with papers here, shush. i need my fun where i can get it.*

* i'm currently trying to decide if "where i can get it" includes going out to a club specifically to see a concert, which i know will keep me there nice and late, because that's the kind of place it is. dunno the bands, they sound intriguing, it's generally a decent club (although it's also the only place i've seen a fight take place, and it wasn't a pretty one), but i just don't know. 4 papers all due next week (none near finished), or one concert...?
if you're at all interested, the digital photos from portugal are posted here (under Portugal of course). thing is, i took a ton of photos with my real camera, but the digital one fell into matt's hands for much of the trip, which was fine with me. he wanted shots to mail to people asap, and i've found that i don't like taking digital photos near as much. only now, the only images i have to show are matthew's shots (mostly). which isn't bad, but it's not what i would have been taking pictures of, nor are they the kinds of shots i'd have been taking.

HOWEVER. they're there, you're welcome to have a look. excuse the noncreative captions, i just uploaded the bunch for matt to access, and i should be writing papers so i wasn't doing anything fancy.

our trip was lisbon - sintra - cascais - evora - faro - tavira - lagos - lisbon, if it means anything to anyone. despite what the photos look like, weather was beautiful almost every day. sintra had amazing palaces and great moorish ruins from the 8th century and gorgeous forests and freaky american tourist groups and cool bus drivers and portuguese choirs singing english christmas carols and grand italian food and views that reminded me of vancouver at night. went to cabo da roca, westernmost point in continental europe. cascais had the first real coast i'd been to in months and boca del inferno (hell's mouth) that roared when the water rushed into the cave quickly enough and calimari fishing with the locals. evora's a world heritage sight which had roman ruins from the 1st century and lovely wine and the best meal i had in portugal (fried calimari) and insane uni students who suggested to matt that he trade girlfriends with one of them for the night (i guess it's complimentary?) and roommates originally from korea currently from vancouver showing their animated short at a film fest. faro was the ghetto-est place i've been in a long time. tavira had old ruins (again) and friendly cell-phone stores that let us store our bags there all day and the best grilled cheese i've had in awhile and a misty rain that wouldn't give up. lagos had amazing beaches and awesome sunshine and wonderful waves and friendly british bars and snarky bartenders with great musical taste and connect 4 and sagres, the southwesternmost point of continental europe, with huge waves and lots of surfers and beautiful cliffs. and lisbon had pigeons and mormons and flash showers and windy streets and children playing football in alleyways and general wonderfulness.

and i wanted to post groovy saint christopher here but yahoo won't let me (because it is evil) and i don't know how to get around firewalls in order to upload the image to my own site and post it here (so if anyone can give me any advice on that, it would be really appreciated, because it's getting damn annoying, not being able to post any of my own images on here). so follow the link up there instead and have a look at him, on a wall in lisbon (my photo). he was all over the place in portugal. i really don't know why. catherine said that one belief surrounding him used to be that if you saw saint christopher, you wouldn't die a sudden death that day. (hurrah! i'd just have had a slow painful death while in portugal! i was safe!) although catherine has also told me that he was taken off the list of saints recently, as they figured that he was probably a fake. poor saint christopher. and still he grooves on.

him and rainbows. (the rainbow shots are mine too. all the rest are matt's. pretty much.) that's what i saw the most of out there. it was awesome.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

if i spent the whole night waking up every twenty minutes, why can't i feel awake now that i have to be?

gonna mess up a czech exam now, hurrah!
amusing quotes that i'm finding in the midst of trying to find missing notes (somehow, even though i'm in prague, i still have notes from years ago with me. yes, i'm a true packrat):

"you know how when you see an animal, you recognise it as belonging on this planet?"
- jodi

"July 30, 2025: Sarah still feels insecure & scared, but she's since married chris as a fallback, and their kids are awfully cute, despite the fact that they're severely messed in the head."
- misplaced journal entry from july 30/01. although the entry isn't about it at all, that comment alludes to a conversation chris and i had where he decided that if we weren't married by the time we were 30, we'd default to each other. i argued that one, made him concede to 35. always snarky, even in writing to meself...

"Right ho! Bring me my whanger, my yellowest shoes, and the old green Homberg. I'm going into the Park to do pastoral dances."
- Bertie Wooster, in The Inimitable Jeeves (i think)

"Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia."
- E. L. Doctorow (b. 1931), U.S. novelist
stupid blogger. the one time i really want to edit the last entry i'd posted, it decides to go down for hours on end, meaning that what's showing all day today isn't what i want to be there. so frustrating.

it's a ploy to get everyone to buy into bloggerPro, isn't it. evil bastards.
it's so rare that reading something actually gives me chills up my spine. but reading charlotte perkins gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper did. or actually, it was more the explanation that followed it.

and i can't tell you why it did.

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

wow. there really is nothing like canned hamm singing "karaoke lady" to make you laugh (at their complete stupidity) regardless of your mood. well, regardless of my mood.

and i'm still listening to them. surely there's something wrong with me.
somehow i've ended up listening to death metal for the last long while. because that's what they're playing on the radio. and i'm too lazy to go find something else. and i'm sick of the music i do have with me. well, not really, but i just don't want to listen to it again right now. hence the death metal.

it's absolutely terrible though.

i bet half of the singers have mullets. actually, i suppose the mullet isn't so much a death metal thing. well, they would all have them if they were czech, at least.

just walked in on my roommate and someone else busy doing something involving bed and a decided lack of clothing accidentally. my roommate the virgin, i might add. fun times for her.

unfortunately my automatic reaction was to mention it to someone who'd just left my room who'd get as big a kick out of it as i would. unfortunately their automatic reaction, unlike mine, was to try to come back to my room, and make noise doing it. when normally i'd usually expect someone to snicker and leave 'em alone. at least for the time being.

and now she's mad at me (the other person, not the roommate), because i resorted to grabbing her hair to stop her.

no idea if the roommate heard her or not. i doubt she did.

we already knew that sarah can't keep secrets, didn't we. it'd be nice to be able to overcome some of my shortcomings though.

that aside. i love it how peoples' automatic reaction, when caught fooling around in bed, is to try to hide under the blanket. as though you'll be more prone to forget that the second person's there as soon as they're out of sight.

people are stupid. {g}

Monday, December 02, 2002

now that i have the 'net in my room, and music i haven't heard, and papers to write and czech to study, and candles providing all the light i need...

...i may never go to sleep. doh.
for tavie:

(cjsf is currently playing the overture to Sound Of Music right now. this must be gaalen{sp}'s soundtrack show. hurrah!)

(so how DO you solve a problem like maria?)
"dandy" has officially become the word of the night.

hurrah! there's internet in the dorms.
hurrah! i'm listening to cjsf and whoever's doing their show is playing groovy music. (i am a fan. play on, motherfucker.)
hurrah! it feels like winter and there's candles burning and incense burning and it feels grand. (dandy!)
hurrah! catherine and i snuck into a basement of a building being reconstructed and hit the jackpot, finding a collection of photos from the 60s and 70s spread all over the floor in one part and took a few with us. i'll try to scan some sometime.
hurrah! maybe i'll finally send the email i've been trying to send for over a week now.
hurrah! matt (aka gun-totin' american aka mah bitch) just cooked me chicken and rice pilaf and some sauce made with orange peppers.
hurrah! aqeel's let me use his phone the rest of the time i'm here, so long as he doesn't need it.
hurrah! aqeel's invited me out to an "exhibit" where there will be book readings and hobnobbing with swanky snobby artsy czechs and dressing up.
hurrah! vlasta danced and sang for my entertainment.
hurrah! lebkuchen.
hurrah! fraggle rock ring on my cell phone.
hurrah! czech exam on wednesday.

hang on.