Saturday, August 31, 2002

i know i haven't updated. been busy. plane leaves at 12:15 tomorrow afternoon. so 13:15 i suppose. practically packed. laptop's been successfully formatted. found a camera bag. went to the doctor a thousand more times, but i think everything is finally sorted out. stress is grand. it make you worry. which makes you sick. which makes you worry more. which makes you sicker. which makes you worry more.... but not anymore.

just think! next month, for the first time in ages, i won't have anything to stress about, and i may in fact be entirely healthy for the first time in years! wow.

anyways. late for a last-time getogether with friends downtown. but i'll update once i make it to prague. i'll post my address. or something. and everyone can email me tons of postcards.

i'll need something to decorate the walls with when i get there.

and yes, i packed my flippers and goggles as well.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

(okay, so my phone's active until saturday now. whee. dunno what's happening with flights still, though.)

(i really should stop posting so-called "updates" when it's nothing concrete, huh.)

(bouncing icq messages with someone who's having a phone conversation with someone else in the room beside you can be quite amusing.)
this is all getting so depressing. as of sometime tomorrow afternoon, i will no longer have a cell phone. s'been deactivated for the next ten months. which of course means that no one will be able to get ahold of me for the next week before i leave. but i'm actually at the point where everything's gotta be done for the last time, because i'm leaving in a few days.

not that i've even started to pack yet or anything smart like that.

at the moment the plane ticket's still set for saturday morning, but it includes 5 hours of thumb-twiddling in the calgary airport, so i may still postpone it a day so's i have a direct flight from vancouver to frankfurt. guess i should decide things soon, huh.

for now, sewing projects to finish. pictures from the trip to be posted next time i'm near the computer they're all stored on.

Monday, August 26, 2002

well, seems that the last post never appeared until now. strange. at any rate, i'm back. alive. no speeding tickets this time. hurrah. i'll write more later, i'm sure.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

off to the okanagan. or maybe banff. or maybe drumheller. don't really know. but i'll be back on sunday. or monday. don't really know. but i'll take lotsa pictures. i do know that.


Wednesday, August 21, 2002

once upon a time there was a creature who had many woodland friends, was one with nature, and sang a lot. and she jumped from waterfalls when she could. one day she met a white man. so wonderfully handsome and talented (and musical) was he that she immediately fell in love with him and followed him back towads what the white man called "civilization". alas, due to her huge size and her need to live in water, she soon settled into lake okanagan, where she could be close to her white saviour with enough secrecy. soon inhabitants of the area began to catch glimpses of the creature, but they could never be entirely certain what they saw. the creature wanted to keep her presence quiet, that the other white men of "civilization" would let her be. To this day, though her love is long deceased, she lives on in the lake, lamenting his loss and the lake's lack of waterfalls for her to jump from. little is known of ogopogohontas, and quite frankly, she likes it that way.


Tuesday, August 20, 2002

strangeness. an inkpen was at a wedding on the weekend with my friends from high school. they're completely different people. never would have expected them to cross paths outside of my reality.

first floods in prague, now this. careful, the world might be ending soon.

I'm Penny, which ambiguous dyke are you? Quiz by Turi.

it's that or peppermint patty. i'm torn between which one i like more. although i was more surprised to see penny as an option, so she gets posted.

Virtues: You look for immense creativity and individuality in people, including yourself. You're not happy with anything less than brilliant, and you focus on being expressive. You value energy, liveliness, and upbeat personalities, but you're not supportive of moodiness when you yourself can be unreliably moody. Seeking activity, you like the bustle of business but need the secluded atmosphere of a studio or private corner.

Aspirations: You feel the need to express your talents, whether it be through writing, drawing, singing, dancing, composing, performing, or photographing. While you strive to ever improve your work, you want to display it as soon as possible when your impatience kicks in. You want to be a prodigy but you might not have the means right at your fingertips. Trust me, do NOT move to New York to do it. Yeesh!

Quirks: Conformists bother you because of their lack of individuality. You're often late or unreliable. You're showy and refuse to share the spotlight. You only tell little white lies. You worm your way into the hearts of others, but be careful; some people despise the show-offs.

Factors: Surround yourself with activity and you'll always have material to work with. Involve friends and family in your projects so they don't feel like envious outsiders.

Future: Show business or not, you'll settle down happily if you're among those who appreciate your natural talents and desire to perform. Don't stay in one place too long, and don't be too hasty in defining your relationships. Who are you to judge what only time will tell?

Sunday, August 18, 2002

i've taken a step back to being a normal again. i no longer have a tongue piercing. it had to come out. it was all quite sad and traumatic.

my mouth feels naked now.

(update on other crap: passport might be salvagable. visa situation may be rectified. may be changing flight dates on monday, we'll see. didn't see a psychic. discussed things with a smartie instead. and now i sit an listen to nardwuar interviews. oh so much fun.)

Saturday, August 17, 2002

i just realised that in order to apply for the longterm visa, i had to mail off my passport with the package.

at the moment, i have no passport.

i can't apply for a short-term visa in the meantime, or travel to europe, or anything!

fuck, this is a mess.
i've been invited to see a psychic tomorrow. i can only see her through the person who invited me. she tells me that the psychic's good though, that she's been told a number of things through her that came true. specific things, using names and/or initials.

my hesitations are because:
- i don't know if i should be spending the money
- i don't know if i want to know things, whether they would affect later decisions even if it's only subconsciously
- i've been told some terribly horrific stories about dabbling in fortune-telling from a few people. the super-christian people were horrified when i mentioned the idea to them, but heather mentioned some bad experiences she had when she was into fortunetelling and said that even if she hadn't become christian, she'd warn people to stay far away from fortunes because of the sort of spirits and energy involved. trust me, the stories actually gave me shivers. it was creepy.

not that i'd necessarily believe it either. but the fact that ragi has a lot of faith in her is prolly going to influence me a little.

at the same time, however, considering that i'm getting no news out of prague right now, what with everything being waterlogged and/or destroyed, maybe the psychic would be the only person who could tell me what's going on down there. {g}

hmm. psychic or no?

Friday, August 16, 2002

what with my indignation at being stripped in public (it sounds so much more interesting that way, don't you think?), i completely forgot to mention the dream i had this morning. it took place somewhere in the residential area around granville and...let's say 24th. older houses just outside the downtown core for anyone who doesn't know vancouver. lotsa trees lining the sidewalks and all - almost dennis-the-menace-like neighbourhoods, except without the kids running all over the place. at any rate. i was wandering around there when i ended up in the basement of a house (or was it a community centre?), where there was a ceremony taking place. glen and aerin were having an unmarriage. i'm not entirely sure if the unmarriage was a ceremony annulling a marriage or if it was a ceremony similar to but NOT a marriage. aerin was wearing a doily on her head, and everyone was wearing black. glen was wearing a suit of sorts, but he still had the spikey hair and the thick glasses. aerin and glen had just begun to sing the first song in the ceremony (which had an actual tune and i think it even had words, though i couldn't tell you them now) when the alarm went off, however. sadly, the alarm is the radio set to the world music station, which is always playing some crazy indian music show, and the music clashed terribly. completely woke me up because of the dissonance. sadly, it also meant that i lost the tune as well and i didn't get to find out what the rest of the ceremony was like. or if glen and aerin were ever fully unmarried. and whether that's a happy or a sad occassion.

i'm sure aerin'll be thrilled to hear about this when i tell her, though.
today a cop stole the shirt off my back.

no, really, he did.

had his lights flashing, pulled me over, demanded that i get out of the vehicle with my license and registration and that i bring my shirt with me so that he could confiscate it.

because of course, i realised that it wasn't mine, that it didn't belong to me, didn't i. at the time i agreed but that's actually the thing that bothers me now in retrospect.

because, you see, i was mine. it was given to me, i've worn it all over for the past six years and loved it. such a good shirt, so comfy, so durable, went with anything i was wearing...

unfortunately it was a Vancouver Police Department shirt. and that was the problem. despite the fact that i've gotten away with wearing it for ages, this morning we drove past an undercover cop who radio-ed ahead and had a marked police car sitting and waiting for us. apparently it was a slow crime day in vancouver if they had the time to lay in wait of a skinny blonde girl with glasses driving a car with a busted headlight because she was "impersonating an officer" with her beach shorts, unbuttoned cop shirt and crazy farah fawcett hair. but i told him the truth, that i was given it for helping out a teacher years back, and that my "new driver" plate had fallen off the window due to the heat we've been having.

in the end, he let me off with a warning (so i guess the next time i wear a cop shirt around town, i'll be in big trouble), but he took away my shirt. fortunately i was wearing the bra-which-looks-like-a-bathing-suit-top today (hence the shirt being unbuttoned to begin with). but what would he have done if i hadn't been wearing that? stripped me naked? because wouldn't driving around topless be a crime (unfortunately)? i do believe it is. would he have given me another cop shirt to wear if i promised to return it? would he have given me a cop blanket to drap over my shoulders and let me drive away with it?* would he have cowered in shame when i refused until he grabbed it off me and realised why i didn't want to give it to him?

if only we hadn't stopped for breakfast, we'd never have driven by the undercover car, and everything would have been fine. i'd still have had my cop shirt.

but i don't. even if six years is a goodly amount of time to own clothing, it still makes me sad. and mad. but mostly sad.

next time, if the N-plate hasn't fallen off, i'll kick up a fuss. because it was mine. regardless of what patches were on it. there was no serial number, i couldn't pretend to be a cop. but only when i don't run the risk of being ticketed for something else.

you'd think that there would be more important things to deal with near east hastings. nice to see our tax dollars being put to hard work.

* ahh, The Wrong Guy... {g}

Thursday, August 15, 2002

and now for the deep, meaningful quizzes...

What's Your Sex Sign?

boob jobboob joob

hah! {g}

nice ass

why thank you.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

(no wonder i couldn't get into blogger for the past few days. i thought the page was having troubles, but turns out the privacy settings were all the way to the top on this computer. curious.)

no more driving haphazardly around town for me. jenny's back from vacation, i'm back to cleaning up the picky details of the archivist job before i leave them. which will prolly be at the end of the week.

i got my strawberries on saturday afterall. in the form of pj's. with fur patches sewn onto the tits and ass. "to keep you warm during those cold prague nights!" sharon told me. yes, pictures will come. other highlights: eric showing up for awhile (though i think he thought the food was poisoned - didn't eat a thing!); glen and Tall Girl, neither of whom i expected at all, along with sue, ilam, and ivana who i haven't seen in ages; catherine and brent playfighting; eurorail pass from my mom; the dirty czech phrasebook from rebecca & brian; and just random conversation with the inkpen crew. so it was fun, despite my complaining.

jodi mentioned going to the Under the Volcano fest on sunday, though i guess i'm a little more leftist than jodi is. not as much as an activist, but in terms of opinions, at least. lots of fun, though. learned some more. signed some petitions. started thinking about others that i couldn't sign with a clear conscience (namely because although i agreed with the principles, i didn't know enough about the situation). moments in addition to jodi's:
- "Women going around topless make me wonderful!" (there were a bunch of them. it made me happy.)
- dinosaurs scrounging through peoples' picnic baskets
- mmmmmmmm capoeira....
- so many pretty people
- punk concerts right by the beach (even if we didn't go to it. we still hung out on the hill nearby.)
- aerin performing speed racer porn on the drive home. twice.

since then, i've altered between being terribly content and wonderfully depressed. my visa is once again a mess and i don't know if i'll be leaving on the flight i've booked - i may be here until mid-september, i may put off going until the spring, i may go anyways and explore frankfurt for a few days. i don't know. i'm having chats with people who wish me luck because they prolly won't see me before i go. i'm realising how many things i'm going to miss when i go (largely people, particularly the people i don't know outside of bumping into them on a regular basis who i may never see again and have no contact info to reach 'em while i'm gone). i'm realising that if i still go as planned, i'll be gone in 18 days. and that's not long.

and then i feel guilty. because while i'm annoyed that i'm not getting ahold of someone, i find out later that their day involved finding out that their job is in jeapordy, discovering the car they borrowed from a friend was broken into and the lock now completely busted, and they were nearly dumped from one of their other projects because people were unhappy with them. while i'm frustrated that my visa's not coming quicker and that i'm not getting any replies from Charles University, i find out that prague's currently subject to severe flooding. while i'm frustrated that i'm not going to see people for a long time, other people i know are having to deal with ending relationships with people they love because the other person is too much of a workaholic for them to handle with a clear conscience.

really, i'm not doing all that badly. so if you hear me complaining anymore bitchslap me, won't you?

Sunday, August 11, 2002

beth wrote:

I really and truly hate when a person disguises an obsession for skinniness as an interest in fitness....

along those lines. last week brent & i were playing pool at the NBI pub, which coincidentally is also a strip club.* so while we were playing, i had a running commentary/critique going of whichever girl was doing her thing. there was one stripper who i was pretty certain was a newbie, just in how she moved, but what bothered me about her was how prominent her ribcage was, and i said as much. which might seem somewhat hypocritical considering how skinny i am, and brent mentioned as much to me. but i figured out that what bothered me with skinny girls (at least when they're on a stage stripping or doing something else that accentuates their body so much w/o something like dance or sports to rationalise it) is that i worry that they're skinny because they're making themselves that thin, because they're trying to be thin. which is all well and good if you still have a decent amount of body fat, but when you can see each rib prominently, that's just disgusting to me. i just worry that they're just starving themselves. of course, it's entirely possible that she's just like me, with a high metabolism, but you can't see my ribcage unless i'm trying to stick it out.

the strange thing is that skinny guys don't worry me the same way. in fact, i like skinny guys. doesn't mean that they can't have eating disorders themselves, though. i just don't automatically worry that they have them. which is just a sad reflection on my assumptions, i suppose.

the skinny obsession's a bad one, though. i like being skinny meself but i don't stay this way on purpose. i'm still healthy, at least.

* searching for the NBI in google is funny. both those pages come up next to each other - one so wholesome and the other so bad! {g}
last night i debated whether or not to go up and tell michael turner how much i liked his writing. that i had just been thinking about getting my own copy of The Pornographer's Poem to take with me to prague. in the end i didn't. didn't want to interrupt him with his friends. though if i'd been him, i'd have appreciated someone coming up just to say that. ah well, i got distracted. he was busy licking popcorn from the top of the bag to get it into his mouth to eat (his hands were full). and everyone knows not to disturb someone while they pig out.

last night brian was working at the cinematheque and ended up waving brent and i in for free. which was terribly nice of him. found out that his film's been accepted to the vancouver film fest this fall, which of course i won't be able to see, so people are going to have to go see it and tell me how it is. or he could always put it on a disk so that i could see it for meself, but really, i'm not holding my breath for that one. lesson learned: must go to the cinematheque on more fridays if that's when brian works. free films! whee! (oh, and seeing brian, of course. {g})

last night they were showing The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (Buñuel) and Bande à Part (Godard). DCoB was alright. satire on upper classes. i think i got more out of it seeing it now simply because i know more about Buñuel and his influences. there were some great parts, but at the same time i was sitting there trying to analyse it all the way through. once a student, always a student. but riddle me this. was there or was there not a Miranda Treaty or Agreement or Something after WWI? for some reason i think there was, and i'm wondering what it was, because they kept talking about a country called Miranda and i'm certain that Buñuel didn't just pick a name at random. BàP was really good. i want to visit 1950s/1960s Paris. it seems so much more stylish than it does now. i think i've begun to get into the Godard groove. the first Godard film i saw put me to sleep. but the ones i've seen more recently have actually been rather captivating.

last night i decided that when i do go to paris, i want to do the Louvre in under 9 minutes.

last night (yesterday afternoon) i was running errands downtown when i remembered that it was geoff's last day working at the computer lab at harbour centre. so i dropped by to say goodbye (and tell him to send me a postcard from surrey), and when i walked in the door geoff was right there serving cake to me. perfect timing. and i was on company time enjoying my food as well. whee! i'm sorry i didn't get to know him sooner. i'll miss him. now the trio of computer geeks downtown is only a pair. ah well. i can still have fun with brian and john.

last night i realised that i knew something was going to go wrong. found out from the visa people yesterday that despite their assurances that yes, they could actually get me the visa in the time that they said, despite the fact that i asked them this bluntly a number of times, despite the fact that i pointed out to them that the czech consulate told me otherwise and they still said that they could, i found out that it's going to take 6 weeks. and i leave in three. or rather, i'm supposed to. unfortunately there's nothing to be done. i'm emailing the advisor in prague to find out what my options are (arriving late, whatever), but he won't get it until monday. i may end up staying here an extra few weeks instead. on the one hand i can tell meself that i couldn't have done anything about it any earlier because i didn't even get proper copies of some of the letters i needed until this past tuesday. but on the other hand, i should have started figuring everything out earlier. i'm not happy that i was told by the visa company that things were find though. if i'd known that they were lying, i wouldn't have taken the time i thought i had. stupid company. stupid consulate. stupid sarah. argh.

last night i was dead exhausted and slept like a rock. unfortunately i still woke up at 7 out of habit, but that's alright. today's a lazy day, nothing matters.

today's my mom's farewell party for all my friends. which is funny, considering that i may not be going so soon anymore. but no bother. hopefully the sun will come out and stay out. hopefully everyone coming will mesh. hopefully things won't end too quickly so that the people coming later will still have something to come to. hopefully there will be strawberries.

actually, all i'm really concerned about is the strawberries.

Friday, August 09, 2002

cramps. from. HELL.

what gets me is that this time my period is more "on schedule" than it has ever been in my whole life, and considering all that my body's been through over the past few weeks (medication and stress), you'd think things would be different.

i'm not actually in a terrible mood, though. if anything, them & the back muscle i strained yesterday lifting boxes are keeping me awake, so yay?

however. because i should have every right to complain in pain today, a quick list of things that piss me off:

- drivers who don't signal. especially when they move in front of you with barely any room to spare. non-signallers are the worst, though. they're the ones who're going to cause all the accidents.
- gomez is coming in october. and i'll only be on the other side of the planet. doh. i'm gonna miss so much music.
- the Rock 101 hosts. generally speaking, of course, but particularly the morning show. i don't think i have ever listened and laughed at their "jokes". if anything, they're downright despicable. i know they're catering to a certain (male) audience, but come on! need you be outright misogynist sometimes? (okay, i'm thinking of one moment in particular that i heard on my way in - channel surfing the radio had to be paused while i was merging.)
- the fact that i can't get cfro or citr for most of the drive in. or, for that matter, most of anywhere when i'm driving the car. the radio reception in that thing is terrible.
- strained muscles. and... i almost put in a terrible joke there without thinking. but i save you the horror.

and i have to go pick up the mail now, so that'll have to be all. don't know what else i could come up with anyways. {g}

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Jerk with a Bomb is playing tonight at the Picc Pub, and i'm nowhere near there. which really is a shame, because i would love to see them again. they were great last time i saw them, and i'm sure it's not pricey. i'm just far too exhausted to do anything tonight. so if you're around vancouver and reading this, go see JwaB! ed says that they're releasing a new album two days after my birthday. anyone who wants to mail it to me in prague when it comes out can expect some sort of prague-ian gift in return! but anyways. in the meantime, i'm tired. but happy. because i'm DONE. finally.

my mom took my visa off my hands today. she didn't call me later on, so i'm assuming everything's going as planned. which is good. and terribly nice of my mom, because i don't think i'd have been able to go to that office one more time without either crying or killing someone. probably one of the receptionists. they're useless, through and through.

today i also faxed my final paper, so that's out of the way as well. course, i called later while i was running (they were on an hour and a half lunch when i tried before) and the receptionist there (always the receptionists!) was terribly useful, telling me that she really didn't know if it had come through and couldn't check either. so i called kelvin (my personal manwhore) and he tried to fax it again. when i faxed the first time i got an "ok" confirmation, when kelvin tried it wouldn't go through, so i'm just going to assume that the first one went through just fine. i hope. i don't care though. i'm done!

what i forgot to mention was that yesterday i got to see krista at the airport! kenten's sister, for anyone who doesn't know and happens to care, haven't seen her in three years? awhile, at least. whenver i was out in alberta. i was only able to spend an hour and a half hanging out with her at the airport food court before having to go to work, but we had fun. just chatted, nothing terribly exciting. she has anne gilbert red braids now. they only reach her shoulders or so, but still. they're adorable. {g} she's off to japan to spy on visit kenten, and she's going to try to alter her ticket home next friday so that she can spend a day in vancouver. i hope she can. i'd get to take her around to see filming sites all over town. though if anyone knows where exactly "Higher Ground" was filmed, lemme know. it's for her sake, really.

(although the one ep that i have seen just made me laugh and laugh and laugh.. it was so terrible.. and yet i kept watching it.. so sad. even though i really don't watch tv at all anymore, when i do i still get sucked right into the crap.)

so rather than do something fun tonight, i plan to make a nice dinner for meself, have a nice long bath, read one of the books jodi lent me months ago, and sleep. precious, luxurious sleep! beautiful, wonderful sleep! oh, it'll be grand!

but for now i'm still hungry. steak awaits.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

today i was told that i am a happy mutant.* and that this was a good thing, possibly the best there could be: not one of the crowd, not needing the crowd, perfectly fine and happy to be a freak.

i'm just not entirely sure that i fit into that category.

although really, i would love nothing more than to truly be a happy mutant.

* authored by mark frauenfelder! so strange when random RL conversation trips up into my other worlds...

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

until this moment i had never seen anyone make good use of the convocation mall and play a well-played game of soccer in it. The echoes of the kicks are wonderful.


people who talk in heavy eastern-european accents over the phone when they had no clue that i was working on a paper on german expressionism and currently looking through a book with nosferatu on the cover make me happy. today's getting a little better.


fixing up drafts proves to be far more difficult than writing a paper at the last minute. i should do this more often before i graduate though. it's actually quite fun, if tiring.


"also" begins to look like a very funny word.


the library closes in fifteen minutes. i'm hungry. i think i'm almost done this paper. i'm not feeling as terrible as i was earlier today. and for the next week my job is driving around richmond and vancouver in a new car with a cd player. life's not all bad.

You're an independent, don't-take-crap-from-anyone type of girl. You're pretty self-centered, and less able to take care of yourself then you think you are. You have a good heart...just try to use it.

Find out if you are gay, bi, or str8.

best gay quiz that i've come across. {g}
btw, thought i'd just voice an "i agree" if you are thinking of keeping christy. though nicole's right, change the name. but she looks like a sweety. i want a puppy now.
1. managed to upset mom when, after she asked me for the fifth time in a minute if i'd like some ham, after nicely saying "no thank you" each time before, i finally got a tad exasperated and use a harder-edged voice, and was told off for always being unfriendly and not understanding, etc etc etc. (this is why i spend as many nights at brent's as i can these days. sadly, it all just comes back as further proof of my failure as a daughter.)
2. drove away from home, forgetting that the laptop was sitting on the roof, while previous situation plays through my head again. it slipped off the roof a block from home, which at least i noticed. drove back wondering what it was, realised what it was, started getting mildly upset again, but it still turns on and off like usual, though a corner of the casing's been punched in. gonna bring it to the computer geeks at school tomorrow. while i'm sitting on someone's lawn hoping that the thing'll turn on again while the car idles a few metres away, a family's on their way up to the park. one of the kids turns and looks at me. "That's really bad for the environment, you know..." thank you. fuck you too.
3. i'm pretty certain there's something more than a little wrong with the car. well, more than before. but after a mild accident on thursday (NOTHING to do with my driving fast so don't even start to smirk), things don't feel proper. maybe i'll deal with it on wednesday. maybe i'll just leave it - it only has to last another four weeks. maybe i'll just disappear instead. at least i won't break anything else.
4. i'm working business hours this week, same time that the visa company is open. i'm hoping that perhaps i'll have an errand to run downtown on tuesday so i can drop off the application, but chances are that won't happen. not that it'll matter, because the way things are going lately my application's going to be rejected anyways. i'm also working when my paper's due on wednesday, and the fine arts dept hours are only until 3pm every day. this is just grand.
5. as daniel and i left mac's yesterday, we nearly ran over bumped into asshole!paul from last august. i couldn't do anything but laugh at him. though i still found meself a little pissed off for a moment. more because we just drove by him and i wasn't able to laugh in his face than anything else, though.

all that i'm really hoping is that i didn't just throw away $600 because i'm too much of an idiot to do anything right these days. i really need to see people who won't keep me in a bad mood soon.
i should be doing my caligari paper today. instead, i've lain in bed trying to figure out what to bring with me when i go to prague. and thought about how i desperately need to clean my room. and how i don't want to go to school for another semester at the moment, and how i really don't feel like going to prague right now.

i am a whiny brat, aren't i.

Monday, August 05, 2002

things i could do without: wasted drunk guy in a wheelchair coming up to the pool table to make some mumbly comment about my ass, who kept coming towards me numerous times after his friends dragged him away. fortunately they always caught him before he got all the way over. i suppose it could be taken as a compliment, but.... no thanks.
one paper finished and handed in, one more to go. then the semester is officially over. i've just finished inserting every editing comment written on my Caligari paper. much as i may have complained of the uselessness of handing in a draft two weeks early, it really was incredibly helpful. i'm almost inspired to finish it all this minute. almost.

and yet i'm not. instead, i think i'll go home, maybe work on it there. ben's leaving to explore asia tomorrow, and although i've only met him once (when i was dying zhan's hair), i would like to see him once more. afterall, he is a moviestar and all.

Friday, August 02, 2002

any ideas as to what the connection is between The Sound Of Music and Dancer In The Dark? why von trier used those songs and that play, specifically? because while a lot of the time in films i'm sure the reference is just a throwaway reference to musicals in general, it's used too much and doesn't seem like the sort of movie that would simply use such a reference lightly. that, and for the setting of the film, the actual movie of Sound of Music hadn't been made yet, so at that time it's not a film musical, it's just a stage show. oddly, i haven't really come across any articles that mention this. i could hazard some guesses, but anyone else who's seen DitD have any ideas?

Thursday, August 01, 2002

i had blood taken for blood tests today and lived through it. sure, i made the wimpering crying noises that accompany facing your worst fears, but hey, i got apple juice afterwards. and got to ask a number of annoying questions afterwards. i still don't like having blood taken, but i know a little more about it now.

though she told me that what she had in the vials (yes, plural. damn, i am a trooper.) was still less than a tablespoon. and i have a very hard time believing that. but i wasn't going to challenge her on that one, in case she decided to take a tablespoon more from me to prove it to me. not that i'd be scared of losing blood. it's the needle in my elbow-pit that turns me off.

she offered to draw a happy smiley face on the bandaid. i almost took her up on the offer.

on a vaguely unrelated note, i still want to get an eyebrow piercing. though i fear it won't happen before i leave. but i shouldn't complain. look at all the other people without any facial piercing in the first place. i should feel compassion and pity for them, first and foremost. especially the suits. poor, poor old business-men.

today when i was running to class (fifteen minutes late, of course) i passed a trio of men (a little older - prolly in their 40s/50s) relaxing by the silly fountain just before the concovation mall. one was wearing a white lab coat, one was wearing an important-looking black suit with an ID tag on the breast pocket, one was wearing a formal army suit. the army guy was lounging on the fountain edge, stretching one arm out and lying back on the other one. when i went by he was in the midst of a gi-normous yawn.

i like being nearby movie sets. makes people-watching all the more amusing sometimes.

last class on Modernism & The Radical Tradition. ken's last lecture at SFU. he's why i kept taking fine arts courses and ended up an arts&culture minor. when i had classes with him i was reminded how much i liked school. he knows a lot, and he's a great prof. it's a shame he's leaving SFU.

one more Dance Musicals class tomorrow, and that one's done too. thank god (unfortunately). though i won't have any official excuse to spend monday and wednesday nights at brent's house. oh, whatever shall i do...

ps: it's Rabbit Rabbit tonight. a little late warning, i'm sure i'm sorry.
which religion is right for my complexion?


Rely on the little black dress of religion - Episcopalianism! You are a passionate person, too busy for the muss and fuss of fashion OR religion. Sure you buy it in a box, but does that mean that you can't both look AND feel good? Mais non!

The architecturally correct lighting in liberal churches is forgiving to your complexion. Not only does it minimize pore size but it bathes you in a glow of chic immediacy. You are SO here and now. Functionality and utility mix successfully with classic forms.

Liberal issues provide you with something to talk about besides tax shelters and working out and soften the edges of your utilitarian (not unitarian!) nature. You have a tendency towards thin nails and hair which could be mitigated by adding butter or other solid fats to your diet. Remember, Christ fulfilled the law. God wants your coat to be shiny!

hee. {g}
hm. well, to help me procrastinate, i was going to post a questionnaire stolen from harp's page (which i'd only just had the chance to look through - looks like good stuff), but when it came to filling out "bands i like that people wouldn't think that i would" and "bands i don't like that people think i do", i started to get stuck. because really, would it be surprising to know that i liked any band in particular?

so much for that.

currently playing: william shatner singing the hits of yesteryear! i'm can't decide if i like Mr Tambourine Man more than Lucy in the Sky w/ Diamonds, and whether it's because it's better or worse. in the end though, it doesn't really matter, does it. it's all terrible. and i love it. {g}