Sunday, June 30, 2002

why i have never been inebriated in all my 22.5 years:

1. i have yet to find a drink where the alcohol doesn't disgust me completely. somehow, the taste of mouthwash isn't entirely appealing.
2. i think i'm mildly allergic to beer. seriously.
3. i'd much rather be amused by everyone else who's drinking from my platform of sobriety.
4. there's a perverse pleasure in being able to say you've never done something that seems like a given to everyone else. it's sort of like mentioning how i've never seen Men In Black. or like saying i've never smoked pot even though i live in coquitlam, where every house has their own plants growing. just the look you get from some people. it's amusing!
5. and yes, i do have a few minor personal issues against the idea due to events in my past. they're not such a big deal these days, but they do still exist.

so explain to me what the need is to make someone drunk. and why it's so inconceivable to so many that a person might live 22 years and still never even been tipsy. i don't get it. so many people have decided that one day, they will get me drunk. (although yesterday was the first time someone thought to make my inebriation a part of a bargain. smart move on their part and i applaud them, but i still have a backdoor exit out of the deal. hah!) but why the fuss over such an insignificant detail? it's not as though i don't think other people shouldn't have fun. have at ye! it's fun to watch! i'd just rather pass at the moment. besides. i can already be enough of a klutz and a ditz as it is, i'm sure i don't need help in these matters.

of course, i'm sure things will change while i'm in prague. if beer's cheaper than juice and water, i'll have to get used to it somehow. still. how can anyone have more than a sip of that stuff without gagging?? bleh.

Saturday, June 29, 2002

a page for dave and all you other people with messed up taste buds out there.

found through this article in particular.
home security basics, kevin fanning style.
despite the fact that i knew the song before i watched television, "Shout!" will forever bring images of larry and balki to mind. when i was twelve or so, one of the tv ads for Perfect Strangers used that song. i'm not sure if this association is a travesty or a general source of amusement.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

after walking home barefoot on pavement hot enough to give my poor feet blisters once, you would think that i'd learn my lesson. maybe even the second time. but apparently i'm a slow learner. maybe by the fifth time i'll start to catch on. for now, i have to find some extremely cushy shoes for tomorrow.
1. i am extremely confused and uncertain right now, and really don't know what to think.
2. i finished reading Franny & Zooey overnight, which may be influencing my mood for the worse, even though some of the issues that have surfaced have very little to do with the ideas i got from the book. it's just more to add to the pile.
3. i feel like i did between christmas and new years this past year. and that worries me.
4. i need a Royal Tenenbaums fix soon.

i could whinge on some more, but i'm hungry. jelly beans aren't cutting it.

[1:38] addendum:mr mulder truly has the best timing in the world today.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

sarah: so which would you prefer - beck or sex?
jodi: ::shrugs:: whatever... makes no difference to me...

this past weekend was possibly the most laugh-filled one i've had in awhile. there was the mockery of kung-fu!boyfriend impressing (and nearly impaling) kung-fu!girlfriend. there was topless hiking with Catherine the Great and Jodi the Decent. there was sitting on the front steps doing absolutely nothing for hours on end. there was a free salmon meal with the "Best Potato Salad EVER." there was the shock of aerin's firing, which really made for all the more laughter. there was mel's mullet. there was Death By Chocolate. there was daniel proving his impeccable taste (i'm so proud). there was arriving very late for Church! The Musical. there was dress shopping at metrotown. there was Not Dying on the way to metrotown.

in fact, the least laughter was had watching what should have been funny, Meet the Parents (which wasn't a huge surprise). i had to see it in order to be certain that i wouldn't like it. though i still liked owen wilson. it would be a travesty not to.

movies have nothing on real life absurdity. especially in my world.

Saturday, June 22, 2002

Dick Grayson: Gosh, botany is tough. I'll never learn to recognize all these trees!
Bruce Wayne: Come, come Dick. Pine. Elm. Hickory. Chestnut. Maple. Part of our heritage is the lure of living things, the storybook of nature!
Dick: That's true Bruce. I'll learn to read that book of nature yet!

go, dick, go.
i feel so out of the loop. it took random movie review reading to find out that kevin voices pleakley in lilo and stitch. apparently the movie's enjoyable but "not as coherent as you'd like". i wish newsgroups worked for me again.

Mute Button sounds so very very very blur. as does Dear Mr Pop Star. s'making the work day a little better. not much, but a little.
dear blog,

the dears snagged a brief motif from serge gainsbourg's Ford Mustang for "She's Well Aware". all the more reason to love them.

i just got a paycheck for the past month's work. maybe it would be an idea to finally pay off my mastercard bill. maybe it's cause to spend a little this weekend. maybe it's laptop time.

or maybe it's just time for La Casa Gelato.

full of pointless drivel,

Friday, June 21, 2002

did you know that cranberry sugar raises your blood sugar levels faster and higher than pepsi?

neither did i. but so say the radio people discussing diabetes today. it was a fascinating drive into work, i tell ya.
i feel quite justified being labelled "the cheap one" by a certain someone, even if it is in jest, if only because everyone knows him as the atrocious joker long before they're even introduced to him.

i'm not cheap. just frugal. and only when it's stuff i should be spending money on anyways. one should never doubt my impulse-buying skills.
whoever is reading my page from montana, care for visitors at some point this summer? we're friendly and clean, and we would be eternally grateful for a destination should it be made available to us. references available upon request.
one moment of vanity surfing, then back to the paper.

my name never brings up too many links, and the ones that do appear are usually either somehow related to me, or they're long-dead people on geneology lists. i don't know why, my name just isn't that popular.

however, it appears there's another me out there who's just raised her head! she's got some relation to a Coe College writing centre in Cedar Rapids, IA. and she's a poet. dunno where she came from, but i'm almost a little disappointed i'm no longer the only one that comes up on a search.

ah well. life goes on.
i find it terribly amusing and entertaining that all* these people can be all the way on the other side of the world, and yet to us here in blogland, it really doesn't feel all too different. you try to imagine them in a different locale while they type, and they write about these strange and marvelous times in the big world, but they're still updating, you're still reading, it's all still the same.

which is why i find it so funny that chris insisted that jodi email him before she left. and that he's demanded the same from me in a few months. because to email him from another country would just be different, you see. i think email's why i didn't miss jodi near as much as i might have, simply because every few days we would both be online at the same time (her having fun, me bored to tears at work) and it was as though she was just at home telling me these fantasmical stories about crazy french people or insane dutch people or them beautiful highland plains. for all i knew, jodi could have been sitting in a closet hallucinating for two months! but she wasn't. i hope.

i think this is one of the many reasons i'd feel a lot more comfortable bringing a laptop with me, despite the fact that buying one will eat up a couple thousand dollars from my spending/travel money in prague. just knowing that i can still keep in touch with people as though i was still in my room at home puts my heart at ease just in the slightest. it's not as though the prospect of severing ties (save when i can go to a 'net cafe) for a few months really worries me (in fact, the idea of disappearing has always been one of my fantasies, though i'd prolly get bored with no one to relate pointless stories to), but it is a nice thought. so i suppose i'll be spending the money afterall (i was debating doing without a computer while i was gone. but for paper-writing alone, it would prolly be worth it.). that'll be my security blanket. besides. it would be laughable for me to do without music files for that long a time, don't you think? i'd go insane!

* ed's actually returned home again, but for the past week he was writing from St John's, New Brunswick. and i must say, i got possibly my favourite postcard ever from him the other day. thank you ed! an image of St John's' ugly ol' hospital. you really can't get much cheesier than that. if anyone else wants to send me postcards, please do! my door still has spaces to be covered. addy's written in inviso-type: 748 clearwater way, coquitlam, bc, v3c 6a3. because that way no one will know where i live if they shouldn't know... hey, it's a mental thing. and surprise postcards are always more fun anyways. i can pretend someone'll mail me, alright? {g} though, if i get a postcard from you, i'll send you one back in return if i have your addy, so there's motivation for ya!
alas, this is the silent version, so make up your own soundtrack (or download an argentinian tango and wagner's Liebestod from Tristan und Isolde) if you must, and go watch un chien andalou. (you need quicktime to see it.)
i am far too easily bored and distracted. but what else is new.

there is something truly unfair in having to be the first one up and leaving in the morning. the other people in bed taunt you without even trying. i end up lying in bed long after i should be up, not because i'm still tired (even if i actually am) but because i just don't want to be the first one up. even if there's absolutely no chance i'm going to get another wink of sleep, i'd rather stay in bed until someone else is wandering around the house first.

actually, the idea of a random person wandering around the house should really be more perturbing and possibly frightening than comforting, shouldn't it. but we'll just assume for now that anyone in the house is supposed to be there and didn't just walk in from the street. unless it's an Inkpen daughter, in which case they'd just let themselves in anyways. but they're the exceptions to the rule.

my nose piercing's been feeling strange lately. not infected, just off. last night we counted the braids on half my head. natasha must have made over 120 of them! quite impressive indeed. other than the fact that they're flat on top and i feel like a bleach-blonde li'l bow-wow when i see my reflection (though it's not so bad if i'm not wearing cargo pants and the cop shirt), i think this is the best braiding job i've ever had. it's a shame they're probably coming out on the weekend. and i still need hand lotion.
i could tell you that i'm most like mary-kate olsen, but i won't. some things just don't need to be shared.

if i had died last night, i wouldn't have minded one bit. i couldn't even tell you why, either. but class was over. i'd run into ivana & ian. i have another week to put together a proper paper proposal. (ooh! alliteration!) it was warm. there wasn't a cloud in the sky. there was still a hint of a sunset over the mountains. vancouver was shimmery and a beautiful lavender colour and looked like a fairy world. i had the smell of strawberries in the van. the radio was playing beautiful accordian tango music. we'd just spent the past two hours discussing communism, anarchism, fascism, modernism, Gertrude Stein, and Bertholt Brecht in class, and somehow i understood most that was being said. i had a photo assignment to do the next day (today). i had the chance to go hiking the next day (today). those are a few of the reasons, but none of them sound all that exciting.

however, if the van i was driving had suddenly lost all control and careened down the SFU hill, possibly taking out a pedestrian or two (that's what you get for walking alone down the Hastings-side hill at 10:30 at night in invisible-pedestrian wear!), and i had gone to join the great choir invisible, i'd have been perfectly agreeable to that.

it would have also meant one less paper to write, but i'm not complaining too hard about being here still.

Thursday, June 20, 2002

the cabinet of dr. caligari, or a chaplin film? the great dictator or modern times? was caligari (not calgary, though i suppose it could have been as well for all i know about the place) a "bearer of Modernism"? if i pretend it is, will anyone argue with me?

german expressionism. yay!
my headphones are only playing music in one ear. i have also lost almost all motivation to do anything other than What I Feel Like Doing Right Now. all too often, WIFLDRN appears to be fuck-all. instead, one paper, one proposal, one presentation meeting, one plane ticket, and one post office appointment is all i need to accomplish in order to go home and find some hand lotion. my hands feel like construction paper.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

The Vague But Nice Quiz

Which Musical Heroine are You?

Sugar Kane is playful and genuine. She's no worse than anyone else, but she's always the one who gets caught doing bad. She takes change and shock in her stride, yet she doesn't ever learn from her mistakes. She isn't gullible, but she can be over-trusting, yet she really believes everything will turn out alright in the end.

three things:
1. awwwww a puppy!
2. david cross! jealous...
3. ultra baby fat! betcha didn't know that the singer in that band, britta phillips, was the voice of the one and only Jem of Jem & the Holograms. well, i only know because kenten in his infinite cartoon wisdom shared that tidbit with me way back when. still. you got to see an 80s cartoon icon in action, steve!

the puppy's the best, though. awww...

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

housekeeping. i added a comments link. why? because of the messages i get titled "because you don't have a comment box" and because it was a fun enough challenge actually getting an account for a comment box. don't worry, it's not like i have delusions of popularity or anything.

that is all.
it's not entirely relevant, because despite the fact that i'm rather stressed for a few reasons, i've been far worse. however, i came across this again cleaning today, and it demands to be posted.

Rik's Teen Anguish Poem

oh god,
am I so much more sensitive than everybody else?
do I feel things so much more acutely than them,
and understand so much more.
I bet I'm the first person who's ever felt as rotten as this.
could it be
that I'm going to grow up
to be a great poet and thinker, and all those other wankers in my class are going to have to work in factories or go on the dole?
yes, I think it could.
this entry comes because:
1. i need to update
2. a few people have asked why this hasn't been mentioned here
3. i don't feel like writing about participatory evolution for class
4. but i do feel like typing something up
5. except that i don't write things for meself. or rarely do. if it's assigned. i have never written a story or a poem outside of school. and i call meself a libra...

the only problem is that there is and there isn't a lot to say. or rather, there's enough to say but i don't know how to do it and keep it interesting. so you get the short (hah) version. i'll elaborate here and there if i can figure out how to make it rivetting.

it seems i have a boyfriend boy i'm sorta with. brent - he's been mentioned a couple times here. he's a Fido techie - met him when i had to get my phone fixed. two weeks later he came to san francisco with me. fortunately he didn't turn out to be an axe-murderer. whatever the relationship (::shudders:: evil word) is now, it was something along the same lines from the get-go, except that this is all a relatively new experience for me (having a SO of sorts), so it was a little odd for me hanging out with the cool people and not being entirely sure how to act with him around 'em. but it all worked out. feel special you cool people, you're the only other people in my life who've met brent thus far. {g}

other than being wonderfully talented at lame jokes and general cheesiness and a Fido techie, he's a bit of a science and computer geek (he went to school for them), Waking Life is one of his favourite movies, him and his roommate have a proper garden growing (impressive to a person who can't keep cacti alive) which includes catnip for Nacho, his cat, his phone screensaver is a happy Jesus Loves You logo, and he did music production in ontario before he moved here a couple years back, though he's getting back into it, working with a local musician, which he's enjoying. and which is pretty neat to watch from my perspective (but she's the artist! but he's messing around with everything! but it's her song! or is it?). alas, he has a predeliction for 90s slang (i'm starting to use "awesome" a lot more) and he's a chicken-licker. sicko. despite that last bit, i really feel lucky to know him - he's an awesome guy all around, really. {g}

the reason there was nothing written before was because i didn't know if this would turn out to be worth the mention. i don't know what'll happen when i leave in a couple months. for now, doesn't matter. but you have to admit, it's great timing. i'm sure none of this would have happened if i weren't planning on leaving the country for ten months. see? spontaneity is so much better than planning. or not.

but that's really all i have to say for now. i need to scan the second half of my pictures from the road trip and post 'em. maybe next weekend.

Saturday, June 15, 2002

i have decided that i'm allergic to work. while i was out of the office, i felt fine. as soon as i got back, i felt all dizzy again. and i still do. it's the only logical explanation.
or, instead of seeing mark, i'll just talk to him on the phone because he gets stuck in the international departures waiting area and can't get out without a lot of fuss. which is a shame, because i was looking forward to seeing him before he went. ah well. now we know better for next time.
today i meet mark to send him off to japan for the next long while. he's off to teach english, and i'm the lucky one who gets to be the last person he sees in canada (that counts). hurrah and huzzah for stopover flights at the vancouver airport. hurrah and huzzah that despite the many issues i do have with the company, ritchie bros is still only a five minute drive away from the airport. hurrah and huzzah for strange conversations about accents and family with the advertising department. hurrah and huzzah for severe dizziness today, making everything just a little bit amusing. hurrah and huzzah for beautiful sunny weather that reads "hike" or "beach" this afternoon, if everything goes as planned. hurrah and huzzah for getting some pictures into the SFU paper. hurrah and huzzah for lounging around having long conversations of nothing on hot sunny days. hurrah and huzzah for frenetic conversations with beanie boys (rainbow, no less!).

there's not much to say right now. tired, dizzy, basically content, that's all. i'll come up with something better eventually.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

there truly is a degree of poetic license in this situation. i've never had the chance to use the "computer ate my paper" line before. and now that i'm writing up a paper for a class on cyberspace, an essay on blogs, to be precise, i leave for awhile and the computer logs me out, which wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that the file that i thought i'd saved was purged, and while there's a temp file file i could attempt to clean up, in all honesty it's useless. eight pages of notes, half of a proper essay written, and it's all gone. completely. i'm fucked.

so time now is 6:33pm. paper's due 10:30am. i really wanted to go to class tonight, but it appears that's not going to be happening. instead, maybe we're switching back to the art & technology topic afterall. losing a paper right then has to have been a sign, right?

maybe if i just have a nap everything will come back.
oh wow. fancy dancy and creepy all rolled up in one.
time now is 10:05am. class meeting at 5pm. class until 10:30pm. essay due 10:30am.

topic: still elusive.* though i've come across some interesting articles that inspire me to pull in walter benjamin, adorno, simon frith, oliver sacks, douglas gordan, memory, music, robotic dj's, cyberspace and the uncanny. i can't believe i take classes that ask for papers about these things either. the sexual politics of dance musicals class begins next week. rock.

reading about goose and matt's graduation (sounds as though it was lovely. congratulations you two!) and her continuation of the principal's speech makes me think of a conversation i had with a classmate (from cyborg class) yesterday. nara's an odd one. i really like her. she's explained that she's a betazoid who chose to be born into this world in order to explore it, and at one point lamented on how sorry she was to have chosen this world, that there are too many cruel and ignorant people. but a second later she rephrased it to say that no, that's not true. there are many wonderful people here. it's simply that the bad often seem to outweigh the good just because they're louder, but really that's not the case, and that our world is still striving to become a better place. comparisons to the ferengi were used with nary a raised eyebrow. i'm quite happy to learn that she's taking the dance musicals course later this month as well.

i consider it somewhat of an accomplishment that i haven't gotten a word written for the essay quite yet. why? because i haven't really been trying to. i've done some research, found some articles, but had i sat in front of a computer all day yesterday, i still wouldn't have gotten anything written. but tha'ts usually how things go: waste an entire day wishing to be somewhere else and not doing much to rationalise the time lost procrastinating. so rather than pretend that this time would be different, i gave in and traded the computer tan for a real one and went hiking around buntzen lake instead. and had a restful sleep last night. and now i'm all pumped and ready to write a paper in the time that i have today. or so we hope.

at any rate. oh, and if anyone's curious as to what's fun, playful, entertaining, somewhat whimsical, and somewhat educational, it would be a toy museum. or at least, a toy exhibit at the west vancouver archives. alas, it was closed when we got there. i was quite disappointed, actually. so instead we whimsically had thai food, which i'd never had before, which made it educational. i'm not really sure where "fun, playful & entertaining" fit in there, but i'm sure it did. fortunately the exhibit's on for awhile, so another day!

* giggle, jodi. i know you want to. {g}

Monday, June 10, 2002

one of yesterday's highlights was watching the people behind jose carreras on PBS. some austrian classical concert was on (again) and daniel (who has once again traded in the curly mop for the shorn monkey look) and i amused ourselves greatly translating the lyrics (all about hair loss) and watching the eyebrow exercises of the bored flutist {sp} in the background. easily amused? why yes, we are.

other highlights included: talking about breasts with catherine, discussing dreams & reality with jodi and whether it matters, discussing hospital horror stories with brent, rediscovering a third of my bedroom floor, finding four cheques waiting to be cashed, flipping to radio stations just in time to catch the beginnings of beatles' songs three times in a row, and inane conversations with my dad (out in NC at the moment).

i'm not really sure what's going on tonight. it's a surprise. the only descriptors i managed to get are "somewhat educational", "fun", "playful", "entertaining", and "somewhat whimsical". it's something that can be done in vancouver on a monday night after 7:30pm, and chances are it involves little or no money. my guess was that it's a talking dog who recites literature (the chaucer schnauzer!). and really, anything less than that would, at this point, be a let-down, don't you think?

what would have been ideal is if i could have gotten more than four hours sleep. however, i woke up at 4am and there was no turning back. which is why i was at work long before 6 this morning. and why i'm already starting to lose steam. and i have to work on a paper this afternoon. oh rapture. oh bliss.

Sunday, June 09, 2002

my email is currently a little messed up. i can get new messages, i can reply to them, i can't access any emails i have sitting in folders other than my inbox. so if i owe you a reply, i have a paper due next week so chances are you should have gotten a message at some point this weekend, except that now i can't read your message to reply to it. so if you don't hear from me, well, it won't be too unusual for i can be a lazy emailer, but now i have a decent excuse for it as well.

samien, my friend who's getting married next month, asked me if i would play piano during the reception. i agreed to, and i'm sure it'll be fine. i just need to make sure that i find time to practice over the next few weeks. still, this works out well in a number of ways for the both of us: she spends a bit less on the ceremony; i get to do something nice for her; i get to play around on the piano (which almost feels habitual at religious ceremonies); i have an excuse not to socialize during the reception if i need it, something i may or may not want to do. it's only for a half hour or so. must remember to find music.

we met up with the rest of the high school friends group (including a few other later additions. jenny was hilarious - practically in tears over the wedding loveliness) at samien's house to help her make party favours. it's so odd being with everyone again, simply because the majority of that group is in the "acquaintace" category these days. not that i don't like them as much, just that i never see them, and we've got our separate things that matter. what makes me tend to avoid group things with them in general is not that i don't like them. i do. they're fun people. i just never feel completely comfortable around them even though i'm not entirely sure why this is. i just don't feel like a part of them, and i'm sure the fact that i think this and acknowledge it doesn't help, but so be it. i'm just not at ease when they're around, which is why i think that most of them will remain acquaintances. samien, though, is an exception. maybe because i knew her earlier than the rest of them. i still feel like meself around her.

last night i had a dream involving airports, driving, and grandma's house, but most importantly, storms. amazingly beautiful and loud storms. the thunder was deafening. literally. i couldn't even tell if i was actually hearing it or just feeling the sounds flow through me. it was exhilarating.

Saturday, June 08, 2002

this email made my yesterday:

I dunno if you even use this email address but i saw a post from you in 2000 on google that said you had the movie the point.. how much would you charge for a copy if i sent a vhs..?? any help appreciated.. thanks, Angela
vancouver (12:15pm) to calgary (2:37pm), calgary (8:10pm) to frankfurt (1:25pm), just need to confirm a connector from frankfurt to prague. leaving saturday august 31, arriving sunday september 1. simultaneously exciting and depressing. i hate having deadlines - so many things cease to be options then.

on a pathetic note, flipping through a website on arriving in prague, i noticed a link to free internet providers in the czech republic, and i felt a brief moment of comfort amidst my wish to avoid finalising the flights. i still need to find a laptop. if you have a used one you're looking to get rid of, let me know. it's been fifteen minutes since the flight was booked, though. things are feeling much better.

so who's going to come visit me at the calgary airport while i sit around for five hours?

Friday, June 07, 2002

why look, it's a sexxy asian prince in search of a princess! i'm entranced by the sexxy vans. and so much more.

Sexy princesses always stare at me because I have no shirt on...I know the men are jealous because their girlfriends are always giving me looks. I have integrity, so I won`t steal another man`s princess. That doesn`t guarentee she`ll leave him for me though.

so very sexxy!
1. i'm so glad jodi is home. this is just reiteration at this point, but it's still very true.
2. bishop is magic. he's completely disappeared twice now when i wasn't looking.
3. andy in his fetish wear (green suspenders) and talking about pens which don't feel like penises will always be welcome in my life. especially if he appears in the computer lab to distract me while i should be working on papers.
4. i really don't think i can try most (if any) drugs. just hearing about drug trips tends to make me feel all squirmy and numb and uncomfortable inside, despite every attempt to make it disappear. i'm undecided as to whether this is a shame or not.
5. i wish i wasn't taking courses and could simply enjoy my summer.
6. i'm really concerned over money for Prague this fall.
7. i've missed watching jodi's parents interact. they're just so sweet!
8. last semester's stalker!boy has been replaced this semester by ryan, my bus!boy. my knight in shining armour the day i locked the keys in the car the first day of classes, i've run into him on a regular basis since then, and again, we have no courses in common. it's quite comforting, really.
9. jodi has returned. did i mention that already?
10. jesus is a bastard. thank you other!jodi. {g}
11. i leave for work in seven hours. perhaps sleep is an idea.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

is it worth fighting for something when you know that in the long run, nothing will come of it? usually i would say yes. but occassionally i'm not so sure. because if you take a big enough step back, then everything's the same. oddly enough, this conversation has come up more than once in the past few weeks. but i had the joy of pointing out to the cyborg prof* that following his logic at that time, i could kill him that second, or we could wait a few more decades and he would die naturally, but when you got down to it the two are still one and the same, he's still dead. he had a perplexed look on his face and didn't comment directly on what i'd said when he did attempt a rebuttal. i'm not sure if my participation marks went up or down for that point, as good as it may have been. though i did manage to get cheers from fellow students, which almost makes it worth it.

* he who teaches the cyborg class, not that he is a cyborg himself. though maybe he has implants of some sort and never told us about it. who knows.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

i refuse to bitch about stupid people this time 'round. instead.

today i think i was being taught not to downplay the rednecks quite so much. for i have been, because white trash is amusing. however.

driving to pick someone up today, noticing that the strange noises in the car which i've been told are nothing to worry about by other drivers of the vehicle have gotten louder and more diverse. noticing that the car really doesn't feel completely in control at the best of times. noticing that turning feels really wrong. i'd decided that after getting rebecca i was going straight to a garage, but as i go down gaglardi hill, something begins to scrape and just does not feel well in the least. figure that my sister, after her pointed comments about the car having a flat tire, never did change it. so i begin to get the spare out, undo the bolts, notice the wheel's a little wobbly, and notice another car's pulled up to give me a hand.

behold, my hero! smelling slightly of alcohol, wearing worn jeans and a t-shirt with a nude female body caricatured on the front and back, and the pièce-de-résistance, a shaggy brown mullet, he comes up and asks if i need a hand. i was doing alright, but when the wheel came off, an extra bit fell off. if i'd been alone i'd have no clue what it was, but he was a car guy. told me the bearings were completely burnt through. helped me get to a station where i was told that i most definately should not drive the car anywhere else for safety alone. i could have guessed that meself, but even so. if it hadn't been for rob the mullet man, i'd have been in quite a predicament. at least, i'd have had no idea what was wrong.

so i apologise for the redneck and white trash slags i've made of late. or at least, i concede that they're all good people as well. they just happen to be that much easier to mock. though i have no idea what universe you have to be from in order to wear one of those nude shirts. some people...
ev'ryone dance and sing, for jodi has returned!

(actually, she got home yesterday and i got to talk to her some then, but i didn't get to see her until today. she's a sick puppy, poor girl. but lotsa pictures! and french people can be creepy. i'm so glad she's back.)

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

from an article about a past Florida auction (yes, i'm bored at work):

Lifting levers, hauling the throttle and twisting dials on Lot 200, Ronnenberg danced a 1999 Caterpillar Mini Excavator around its space in the auction yard. "This is the funnest thing around," Ronnenberg reported through an ear-to-ear grin. "You get to try out all this stuff before you buy it. It's more fun than the carnival. It's funner than the circus!"

ah, how fun it is to be easily amused. and even while you laugh at him...don't you want to be playing on excavators as well?

funnest moment at an auction that i recall:
there was a big multi-day sale outside victoria one time, emptying out a shipper's lot. everything was for sale save the giant crane permanently attached to the ground - the owner had someone interested in making a direct sale. after the sale ended on the first day, one of the auctioneers invited me to come up to the top of the machine with him (people weren't allowed to just climb up it on their own, if at all). i have no clue how high it really was, but the people below looked like ants - they weren't much bigger than the tip of my thumb, and i was only twelve at the time. the crane was swaying back and forth in the wind, it was that high up. my dad had refused to join us - i think he was somewhat perturbed by the height of it, and the fact that you were relatively unguarded, out in the open with a few metal bars to stop you from stepping too far off the ledge. but bruce and me, we weren't scared! for a few minutes there, we the lord and lady on high, better'n the rest of the world before we came back down to their level.

auctions were a lot of fun when i was a kid. i miss them. sort of.
what should have happened this weekend:
- readings that i'm far too far behind in
- cleaning my room
- finding enough money for the next year
- replying to charles uni in prague
- hiking around Buntzen

what did happen this weekend:
- replying to charles uni in prague
- two days partially spent on beaches
- a delicious tan
- catching up with catherine (girly girl with A Boy), aerin (candy raver with A Not-Breeder Boy), brent (a lesbian's love), beth (baby due any day now), ivana (best godmother in the world, alas, not mine), amber (baby due october 24, she's hoping it comes early enough to be a libra), matt (looking scruffy!), andy (broken neck, doesn't feel like seeing a doctor again though), and cameron (who may or may not have seen the Hives).
- scanning a bunch of pictures
- reading part one of To Kill a Mockingbird
- reading Waiting for Godot (mmmmm...absurdism)
- getting a couple decent nights of sleep
- reading the wrong text for cyborg class (and not bringing the right one with me today to read on the bus)
- watching a slug devour a flower
- stick fights
- seed-spitting contests
- homemade enchilada goodness
- not wearing socks once

Monday, June 03, 2002

(an) entertaining moment of the weekend (which would be a missed opportunity in dorkdom were i not to post it):

watching a slug eat a flower. it devoured it. it was really, sincerely cool, watching it suck each petal into its mouth.

really, you missed out not being there.
my favourite street sign, somewhere along the I-5 in washington before seattle:

no clue what it means. levitating trailers? passing UFOs? no clue. but it's funny.

Sunday, June 02, 2002

my sister has a strange tea obsession of late.

the amazing levitating elephant. and it's a watergun. ooh.

Saturday, June 01, 2002

btw, it's that time again, rabbit rabbit.
my dad can be so poor* sometimes.

* on second thought, figured i should define it. aussie term. along the lines of sweet, adorable, and pathetic (in the good sense), but with a slightly different meaning. neil innes is poor. friends' parents acting cutesy together can be poor. newborn kittens and beavers can be poor. and so on.
i have to admit, i really feel like i'm missing something with the whole Harry Potter fuss. not missing out, just missing. yes, i've read some of the books. yes, i enjoyed them. yes, i saw the movie, though not in the theatre (thanks to david), and i'm quite glad i didn't spend the money to see it. i didn't think it was worth it in the least. and now that the dvd's out and it's being sold out everywhere, i just don't understand. what on earth was in that movie that made it as enjoyable to everyone else that completely passed me by? again. i'm not sorry i missed it, i'm just confused. didn't anyone else not care in the least for it, or am i the only one?

in other news. i haven't had proper feeling in the outside of my left arm and hand for three months now. it just feels like it's asleep - the numb, tingly feeing. it's nothing more than an irritated ulna nerve being bothered in my elbow (possibly something to do with when i shattered it when i was six), and i still have most of my strength in my fingers, but still. it's getting really annoying. and for the past week, it's been starting to hurt. and there's nothing to do but to let it calm down on it's own, unless it keeps this up. (then, surgery! hurrah! no thank you..) just take a couple advils, try not to bend my arm too much, heat and cold... which i've been doing anyways. it's just really starting to get annoying. it's starting to give me the ucky constricted feeling around my heart like i get if i think about needles or other things i have severe aversions to. actually, the best way (read: only part possible to put into words) i've had to describe the feeling i get when people talk about needles in the past is to explain that it makes my arms feel numb, particularly my left. and now, it already is! oh, irony of ironies. when i went to the doctor about it on tuesday, she told me what i already knew, but mentioned that typing up my paper over the weekend might have aggravated it. i suggested she give me a note to get me out of further assignments, due to the fact that working at desks with my arms bent currently works against my campaign for health. she commended me on my attempts, but said that she couldn't. damn. maybe if it's still not better in another two weeks.
hmm. someone's just offered to sell me a plane ticket to anywhere in north america (alaskan airlines). it has to be used before the end of june. and even though i really should be saving money, she said she'd give it to me for cheap. do i splurge? it wouldn't be a road trip, but i could still go somewhere of mild excitement... maybe LA this time... maybe san francisco again to properly explore... maybe somewhere new... it just seems like too good an opportunity to pass up!


UPDATE: i turned it down. it hurts, but i really have to save money. it's a summer of beaches and bonfires for me! that is, unless i get free tickets. feel free to pass any on if you so desire. {g}