Friday, May 31, 2002

does it make any sense at all that a person becomes even more sarcastic when they're happier?

random quote: "why do you think i spent three hours on the phone with you instead of just going to sleep?"
despite the fact that i'm running on something like four hours sleep, today's a good day. s'sunny. the drive in took only twenty minutes, with lotsa empty roads. they played good music on the radio on the drive in. singable music. i'm wearing socks just a little too big for me, so they're slouchy and comfortable when i run around at the office (heaven forbid i wear shoes).

and then i get an email from mark, which i'll just copy and post:

If memory serves, you're a fan of that actor Alan Cumming. Well, keep your eyes peeled for him when he arrives in Vancouver in the next few weeks. He just won the coveted role of the mutant hero Nightcrawler in X-Men 2.

Oh, and you like Kids in the Hall, too, right? How about Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the dynamic duo behind South Park? What if the two were to collide? Dave Foley is going to be contributing to a running commentary on the Stone and Parker film Orgazmo. Foley's track is a track full of famous comics giving their thoughts on the film. Joining Foley on that track is Kevin Smith, the writers of South Park, David Zucker (the writer and director of BASEketball and the Naked Gun films) and, my hero, Weird Al Yankovic.

And a realease date of July 4, 2005 has been announced for Indiana Jones 4.

not so sure what to think of the last one, but the first two are rather exciting... dave and quote daniel's friend, comedy gold. and alan! in vancouver! sexxylicious! {g}

yesterday weren't so bad neither. didn't do readings, talked with andy (of the big smile and ten siblings. ten!!) fortunately class was wasted watching The Matrix so nobody knew what a slacker i was. not-so-novel discussion of the religious symbolism in the film followed (how can you miss it?). ran into matty, wasted more time chatting. debated doing research, pre-taped my show instead and left campus early. hung out at Burrard Beach (first time in daylight hours). watched geese with goslings. played with barnacles. went to some pub place for food with brent, and accidentally ended up playing music bingo. oh, excitement. but i noticed other!jodi, jenny, pam & co at another table partway through the night. had fun spying on them until we left (though i did go up and say hello/goodbye). and finally, had some anxieties put to rest. s'a good feeling.

look at that, i even added a bunch of links. i'm amazing today!
"me....and my shaaaaaadow...."

Thursday, May 30, 2002

so tired. so wonderful. only able to do nine and a half laps of the pool and my whole left side is on the verge of collapse, it's so worn out, but it feels so very very good.

when i got back, there was an envelope waiting for me. samien's wedding invitation. july 6. i guess she got over her second thoughts about getting married. i'm happy for her. i just hope it's the right decision as well. she's a smart girl, though. she knows what she's doing. she'll be the first one of our junior high school group to wed. s'fitting, really. {g]
found in the soul coughing newsgroup while procrastinating. as jodi put it, it's really nice hearing about someone who likes their life.

always liked lurking in that newsgroup in the past...
my dad offered to take daniel and i to see star wars last night. i was quite tempted to completely bypass the latest star wars, but hey, if someone else was going to pay, than who am i to turn it down? it was everything i expected. i spent half of the film laughing out loud for no apparent reason from an outsider's point of view, making a number of comments to daniel and holding back even more. sadly, daniel didn't play along too much. he put up with my yammering (although he tried to shush me as i read the beginning out loud), but said that he was waiting until the next time he saw the film to mock it. his loss. though he did have a few good comments towards the end. ("right there? he looked almost like jesus!" just admit it, jesus is funny. and sexxy. church can be so much fun at times...) i ended up having some arguments with meself on the logistics of a number of things, far beyond the plot. like how the large, hairy, mammoth-esque creatures could even survive the tatooine heat, amongst others. this is what i'm forced to do when i have no one else to mock films with. jodi, come home!

in short: oh so terrible. so, so, SO terrible. in the way that only star wars can be. and sadly, i probably will see it again solely to mock it. surely there must be something wrong with that.

thumbs up: the tall white creatures.
thumbs down: they didn't move realistically.
thumbs up: amidala's outfits. i drooled.
thumbs down: ewan's jesus!hair&beard. though funny.
thumbs up: christopher lee. he's just cool, no matter what. even if his stunt double sucks, he's cool.
thumbs way down: palpatine's makeup.
thumbs up: the first cheesy reference/pun/lame joke.
thumbs down: every subsequent one. all 1492 of them, or however many there were. but there were a lot.

should i be concerned that i caught so many of them? hmm.

the animation's great. but as daniel says, "too much cg makes film ugly." and he's right. yoda particularly pissed me off. he looked too fake. bring back the muppets!

and then there's the samuel l jackson factor. good lord i hate him. and love to watch him because he annoys me so. at least he's a good actor, so it could be worse. i just hate him anyways. i lost count of the patented Pensive Looks. and need i mention his terrible fashion sense? dark tan, near-corduroy tunics, white pants and black boots? even if you're a jedi, you could at least match a little more. i'm so disappointed mace windu didn't die in this film. next time though. and i will rejoice. loudly. and people will throw popcorn at me. but it will be oh so worth it.

even so. there were a few times where it almost felt like the original trilogy. almost. but too much emphasis on gunfights, podrace-esque scenes, and computer graphics. and i won't even comment on the women in the film. particularly amidala. i know, it's lucas, but for cryin' out loud! ::grumblegrumblegrrgrrgrr:: and the lightsabre scene (almost exactly thirteen minutes from the end, by my timing - don't want to show the good part too early on!) was a let-down. it was a light show instead of actual stylized fighting - all you saw were lightsabers flashing around. no good jumps or flips, and i'm sorry, yoda fighting isn't all that exciting. go, you crazy muppet you...

in a nutshell: for fighting, TPM wins. for actual movie, AotC. but not by much. but a little. but barely.

poor liam neeson though. he's not brought back, but jarjar and the niemodians{sp} are? ouch.
just received an email:

I am ill and have to cancel classes this week, May 29-30 2002. See you next week. If the Franko chapter still confuses you, use this time to read it again and again.

i do so like this class, but i cheered nonetheless. any day class is cancelled is a good one. especially if you're behind in the readings.

now the question is, is this a sign for me to see jesus christ vampire hunter another time before it's gone for the rest of the summer, seeing as today's the last night? hmm...

Tuesday, May 28, 2002

my teacher in grades two and three was ms terakita. by far the best teacher i ever had in grade school. i have no clue where she was really from, she just had a fun name and went to hawaii each and every summer. maybe that's where she was from. each summer she would mail all her students a card from hawaii, just to say hello. at least, i'd assume she did this every year. i had her for two years, my sister had her for three, my brother got her for a year or two after that - all in all a number of years to base my comments on.

ms terakita was tiny. there was one tall boy in our class, ryan wiskar (we called him "wiskas". it was witty at the time.). when he was seven years old, he was taller than her by at least a couple inches. there was an official teacher's desk in the classroom, but it was hidden in the back corner and used as storage space. instead, ms terakita used one of the child-height tables as her desk. it makes a lot of sense in hindsight, size aside. they're bigger, there's more room, and when we came up to ask her a question, it was just the right height for us as well.

ms terakita had the students split between how much we already knew. she'd work with the new readers while us reading whiz kids would have worksheets to pore over. if you were finished all your work, there was a system to what sort of activities you could do in your spare time. there was a reading corner right by the window, but more often than not i'd opt for the logic problems. it was a sad day for me when i reached the final one. when we had our work marked, ms terakita had figured out a point system that, at the end of the year, allowed you to spend your points to buy nifty things - everything from stickers to glitter pens to notebooks to fancy erasers. i'm certain there were more prizes that would appeal to the boys a little more, but i don't remember them. i was too entranced by the glitter pens. those were by far the most covetted by both the boys and the girls.

ms terakita was the one teacher that ever allowed us into the staff room. one year i decided that one day, i would play with the older kids. in grade one we'd been in a split 1/2 class, and i felt like playing with april and carmen and the now-grade-three girls. i don't really remember why. michelle, my best friend at the time, didn't take too kindly to it. and when i got bored halfway through the lunch hour and went back to find michelle, the two of us got into a wonderful fight. not biting and kicking and punching - that sort of fighting was always reserved for family alone - but the good old name-calling and snubbing, hurtful in the way that only young evil girls can manage. after lunch, michelle and i still hated each other. ms terakita called in another teacher to watch the class for a time (quite possibly the principal, actually) and brought us both into the teacher's lounge.

this was incredible to us. no students ever made it into the teacher's lounge. ms terakita asked both of us to tell our sides, told michelle that it wasn't nice of her to hold my wanting to be with other people against me, and told me that it wasn't too nice of me to ditch michelle and then expect to be welcomed back with arms open. we both conceded to her brilliant observations, but really, we were both so overwhelmed with being in the teacher's lounge that nothing needed to be said. we'd already forgotten that we were mad at each other.

ms terakita was the one who taught us handwriting. so much fuss in learning to make squiggly lines that all become chicken scratch in the end! however, i remember feeling a definite affinity towards her when i could read handwriting for meself. her first name's sally, and her signature was a beautifully flowing "STerakita". her first initial was an S. my first initial was S! and she made the S look so lovely on paper... i finally like my handwritten Ss, though it took awhile. mine were just never as pretty as hers were.*

i have no clue what ms terakita's doing now. she may have retired at this point. i have no clue how to get in touch with her, but i keep meaning to at least send her a letter. she always recognized me even when i went back to visit in junior high. i suppose you really don't change near as much as you'd like to think, but even so she was always happy to see her old students. i bet you'd be hard-pressed to find one of her students who didn't like her.

* if you're at all curious, her signature is what made me think of her. i was just thinking of all the people i know who sign notes and emails and letters with their first initial alone. and hers is definately the prettiest first initial i've ever seen. though i'm somewhat biased, so don't take it personally.
i must say, this essay has some excellent points in it. unfortunately, i don't know that they belong specifically in this essay. still, i do deserve a pat on the back for some of them. applications are now being accepted.

[my blog, my world, my right to be self-congratulatory in times of boredom/frustration.]
wow. someone searched for "sarah" and "porn", found my page, and then translated it into italian! i feel so very special right now...

1. there's someone in the computer lab who i was friends with in second year who at the end of the semester simply decided to stop being friends. last time i saw him he looked like Pat from SNL. today he looks a little cooler. he's trying to grow a goatee though. i think it's a mistake. oh, and he's limping too. peculiar.
2. i want skittles.
3. if i post tomorrow i lose the recap of my road trip. this saddens me. oh, tragedy.
4. i want strawberries and whipped cream.
5. i could finish this paper in two hours, tops, if i got cracking. perhaps i will.
6. i've decided that nothing matters. this is a good thing.
7. my dad won't move to lakeville, though he says lisa may move out here eventually. i think i'm still the only person he talks to about her.
8. ritchie bros lost the case my dad went to florida to fight over to a con man who's made his living scamming companies. kudos to the con man!
9. blackbox is a godsend. somehow the firewalls here don't disable it.

and now back to cyborgs and feminism.
my life is full of contradiction these days.

and half of what i write sounds disgustingly over-dramatic. my life is a play. i'm the star. no wonder there's not much of an audience.

oh, tragedy!

i do get to leave work in fifteen minutes though.

ah, respite!

the certificate that allows me to get my student visa arrived today. which means...i'm going to prague...barring any misfortunes...

at least, it's more official now than it was before. all this planning in advance, though! i'm none too excited about it anymore. too much bother. maybe i'll just stay in vancouver afterall. hop on a plane and go to cuba for the winter instead.

or not. {g}
that is wonderful. thank you sarah. {g}

Monday, May 27, 2002

i have a really bad feeling at the moment. some people helped it diminish a little yesterday whether they realise it or not, but it's still niggling at the back of my mind. i hate just having feelings. when you don't trust them, they're right, when you dwell on them they're unfounded. either that or you make them come true anyways because you're dwelling on them. it really isn't that great of a system.

for now, i'm trying desperately to ignore it. and on we go.
...and then i get an email from someone else busy procrastinating. and things are a little bit better.
i'm feeling profoundly frustrated at the moment, for a number of reasons. sitting hours in front of a computer still without much written is only one of them. but it's a big one. distractions that aren't coming is another.
all i really need to know i learned by having my arms ripped off by a polar bear.

When a male polar bear and a human are face to face, there occurs a brief kind of magic: an intense, visceral connection between man and beast whose poignancy and import cannot be expressed in mere words. Then he rips your arms off.
the story of The Compliment Man makes me smile. it's so simple. but i like it.
Libra: (Sept. 23—Oct. 23)
The stars foresee profound changes ahead for Libra, but they insist on describing them in vague, non-specific terms.

my only companion here in the computer lab is a fly. still well and kicking, though he's not flying as high as he did when i first arrived. it's sad to think that i may be his sole companion in the last few hours of his life. poor thing.

Sunday, May 26, 2002

whygodwhy has returned! well, nearly. until the journal returns (if it does), kevin's posted another project, "Manual". have a read if you have the time. i'd list my favourites out of what i've read, but that would end up being most all of them.

reading "Manual" i'm struck by the desire to be able to write as well as they can. perhaps when graded papers are finished for the summer.
it hasn't been linked to in months. but i just found it again. so voilĂ !

LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22):
After studying your astrological omens for just 15 minutes, Libra, I realized I couldn't come up with the right oracle for you as long as I was sitting on my butt indoors. Vigorous movement must be in your future, it was clear: an invocation of animal energy, decisive action, and forceful exuberance, and strong displays of willpower fueled by physical agility. So I bolted from my house and ran gleefully toward the hills. My legs were happy. The sun was sweet nourishment. Sweat baptized me, and the wind was my ally. I could smell the bright blues and yellows of the wildflowers and see their heady fragrance. This is the kind of experience I hope you'll seek often in the coming week.

it's the "physical agility" part i like. despite a crappy knee and an inability to do the splits, perhaps i can still live out my dream as an acrobat! or at least a capoeira dancer. or maybe a mountain goat. course, the forecast calls for rain this week, but i can work around that.
accomplished today:

partially cleaning my room.
partially organising cd mess.
putting away notes from last semester.
driving daniel to work.
going to 7-11 in pj's.
having three (count 'em, three!) showers.
shaving my legs in a luxuriously warm bath.*
calling chris & michelle in phoenix.
dealing with cell phone issues.
renewing text books from the library.
finding replacement texts for the books with holds on them.
having full-circle conversations with zhan.
testing my physics knowledge.
briefly chatting with mark.
downloading thelonious monk, charles mingus, miles davis, gonzales, ben kweller, waking eyes, and apples in stereo.
attempting and failing to french braid my hair.
mending some clothes that have been waiting for months to be fixed.

i have to finish this paper by tomorrow night. might be time to get started.

but first i think i might have a nap.

* usually only done in times of intense procrastination, actually.
if i were lego and if i had a cape and a cop hat, i would look like this:

because yes, if i had a cop hat rather than simply the cop shirt, i'd wear it. same goes with the cape.

but i don't and i'm not. no really, it's true. but here's what i looked like when i was four:

that's me, rebecca, david, and my mom at some old company party. weren't we just darling?

really should get cracking on that paper...

there is something thoroughly entertaining about going to 7-11 wearing snazzy sandals, summertime camo-print pj's, and a red plaid housecoat that flows behind you as you walk. and you really don't get as many strange looks as you might expect! maybe the sizzler sisters had something going afterall.

Take The Ewan McGregor Test!

Saturday, May 25, 2002

well. i don't think have ever been so thoroughly insulted in my life. and i just wanted to ask one question. (though i think i know the answer, regardless.) it must be said that she's obviously a little more important to me than most, because usually it takes a lot to hurt me.

before i was a little sad that all rebecca wanted to do was leave rather than at least enjoy her time out here. now i'm wishing her a speedy farewell, godspeed, and all that jazz. the sooner the better.

on the better side of life, i've been whistling all afternoon. carrying a tune. hitting the notes. whistling with a fair amount of volume. whistling trills. best of all, it's a song i've never heard of before. why yes, i'm actually improvising! this is relatively novel for me. well, the ability to whistle well is novel at that. excitement. thrills. etc.


Who is the spy? Is it me? Is it you? Here, drink this wine...

Find out what YOUR inner non-sequitur is!

quiz by A.V. Phibes

someone at work passed this onto me, which wouldn't really be of interest to anyone outside of BC. possibly not even to those who do live here. but it's a page that lists how much every doctor in BC made in the past year. good lord, my michael york doctor makes a lot of money! more than any other doctor at the clinic, and far more than my old family doctor (now retired). the strange thing is that he also makes almost twice as much as some of the specialist doctors i looked up, most of whom are also women. i don't know if there's a connection there or not, but i always thought that specialists would make more money than drop-in clinic doctors. especially because they're specialists!

interesting. wrong. frightening? possibly.
just a suggestion to anyone planning on writing articles about auctions. never, ever, use a title along the lines of "Going, going,..." or "SOLD!" or any other seemingly witty turns of phrase. just don't. it's been done. too many times over.

just a suggestion.
jealous of her cigarette. should be no surprise that a hawksley concert is sexxier in france. lucky girl.
clay says, "do you realise that you're the only person in the entire world who can do this job? you're uniquely qualified, if only because you're the one who's done this before! when you get another job, you'll have to tell your employer that there's one obligation you take seriously, and you'll have to come back, even just for a couple days each month, because you're the archivist!"

he's half joking. only half. ai yi yi.

Friday, May 24, 2002

so very very sleepy.
so very very frustrated.
so very very content.
so very very dreading tomorrow.
so very very pained.

if it rains this weekend i would be immensly pleased. particularly if the rain forces me to write my paper by sunday evening.

if i had something more exciting to say, chances are i'd post it.
yes, i'm posting to move down the previous post alone. i don't even have anything to post, which is the saddest thing of all. i'm just waiting for a song to play out up at the radio station, though i don't know what's playing afterwards, so maybe i should be dealing with that first. i have awhile. hurrah for long bach concertos! i haven't listened to enough classical music of late. it's quite embarassing. how can i claim that rachmaninov is still my favourite when i never listen to his pieces? on a tangent, last night class began with Scott Joplin's Maple Leaf Rag. we listened to one of Joplin's waltzes later on. this is why i love taking fine arts theory courses. there are few other departments where music precedes the lectures every single week. maybe it's just a ken (the prof) thing. last night we talked about the beginnings of modern dance and looked at the life of isadora duncan. we ended up watching the film about her, and i've decided that i like vanessa redgrave. i like pretensious, flaky dancers, no offense intended. their single-mindedness in their approach to the world amuses me so. though it would certainly test my patience to actually spend time with someone like that. if you have 153 minutes to spare and a coupon for your local video store, Isadora ain't all that bad, though.

it's very strange for me to be learning about modern dance. and yet not everything we're learning is foreign to me. which is what surprises me all the more.

last night i was also introduced to The Osbournes. good lord.

Thursday, May 23, 2002

took me six months, but i finally went out and bought new underwear! because i know you care to know this. it's cause for celebration, though, i swear. alas, the only funky colours they had were pink, so i'm stuck with the drab sensible colours, because i simply cannot own pink underwear. still, it's bought, it's done! hurrah and huzzah!

i'm going to fall asleep in class tonight. i guarantee.
i smell like teriyaki. this could be somewhat more bearable if i were eating teriyaki rather than wearing it. of course, this spillage happens the day that i have class until late late late and plan on not going home afterwards, thanks to an early field trip tomorrow morning. this is also the day that i'm wearing a skirt and sweater that are hand-wash only. and a white shirt, though i think i've gotten the stain out of that at least. this is what i get for trying to be nice and helpful.

the plans of spending the afternoon doing homework have been shafted for a trip home for a change of clothes. things could be so much easier if neatness and cleanliness of appearance and smell weren't an issue in my life.

the blame always falls back onto my parents.
well done, sarah, well done! wait until the head honcho of the company himself walks right past you to yawn the biggest yawn in the history of yawns, just so that he can see it and comment on it. well done indeed! of course, he saw the side of my face which has the nose ring as well, so he's all for loving me at the moment. rock!

in other news which no one, no, not even i, care about, mr frogface is retiring next month. i'd do a little dance but... no, right, i don't care.

do i tell peter that he was in my dream last night? do tell him that he told me some terrible news? do i tell him that we kissed? {g} of all the possible dreams i could have had (conversations yesterday ranged from drug production to unwanted images of friends having sex to serial killers to haunted mental institutions to finding live beetles in your shoes to pro wrestlers and worse), that one wasn't too bad. it felt like kissing daniel, though. strange. yet funny.

Wednesday, May 22, 2002

[this was the first thing i posted today, but it's been buried so low beneath the other posts i'm moving it up here. if you noticed. or cared. back to your reading.]

yo. unfortunately i ended up held back after all, so i didn't get to publishing this last night. i should have done what trevor did with my photos and posted these before i left. whoops. at any rate, here is A Day in the Life of Helena, a photo gallery for the good ol' photo exchange!

i especially liked this one. she has toys, television, books, videos, a sandwich... and look how happy she is. {g} i have to thank trevor for doing such a fine job on my photos as well. so when's the next photo exchange happening?

Which Kevin 'Fro Are You?
Brought to you by Kevin McDonald: the Kid in the Hall We DO Like.

tee hee hee.
we ended up going all the way down to san francisco. i'd have loved to have gone further south (LA! Mexico!) but realistically, we couldn't have done it if we tried. with only two of us on the trip, it's no fun driving alone so even though we had naps, we couldn't drive while the other one slept for too long.

we drove down the oregon coast, which is absolutely lovely.

we found out that G Gordon Liddy has a radio show, which is simultaneously the funniest thing i have ever heard and the most disturbing. we kept listening for a good half hour out of pure amusement. he would read a news item as though he were a broadcaster from the 30s, the sigh and mutter about the state of the world afterwards. trust me, we could have driven off the road due to laughter.

we were warned to take care by a gas attendant when she noticed my shirt and realised we were canadian.

we found out that a murderer had been on the loose, and police from all over the state as well as the national guard had come into OR to capture him. we debated what might have happened if the murderer had stopped by where we were sleeping the first night before they apprehended him.

we tried to see the sand dunes in OR but thanks to national parks, we would have had to have paid a fee to go in, even if it was just for 15 minutes. the park ranger was incredibly friendly and/or bored, however, and told us stories about the aforementioned murderer instead.

we saw a million signs warning us that elk were nearby, and just as i was about to scream over not actually seeing any elk, we came across a field full of them. i was driving at the time, and at first when they were pointed out, i didn't even bother looking - figured it was a joke.

we drove through the mysterious and magical and enchanted woods of OR and northern CA - at least if the ads we drove by were anything to believe.

i had an intense discussion with a nine-year-old in the bathroom in Santa Rosa as we discussed the importance of apples, the mystery of the building of the Golden Gate Bridge, and the joys of travelling. we saw the cutest elderly couple at a Denny's-esque restaurant.

we saw palm trees.

we spent awhile sitting on the beaches in Marin, just watching the waves. i could have stayed there forever. we saw a deer cross right in front of us on our way down to the water. we made references to RHPS for no good reason, which turned out to be strange and freaky considering how we ended up spending out evening.

we came across a peace rally (he says "freak show") in Golden Gate park, full of music and incence and stilts and dancers and dreads and afros. we came across the Rodent of Terror, who threatened to bite our feet off. think of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. think of the rabbit. now make it a gerbil. this thing was insane.

we wandered Haight-Ashbury. a homeless man offered to let me take a picture of his puppy for a dollar. i lamented that i didn't have a dollar on me. he let me take the picture anyways. i just realised that i don't remember his name. but the dog's name is either Whiner or Wino - i couldn't be sure. i found a shirley maclaine book at the side of the road. yes, i took it with me.

we hooked up with some awesome people (and more) for dinner and a movie. earlier, we saw the place from Harold & Maude. much fun and laughter was had. my concerns that the not-fan would feel uncomfortable quickly disappeared. never underestimate the power of a bad joker. one person was a lifesaver and not only let us use her shower (in the claw-foot tub no less!), she even gave us water for our trip home. we are still forever grateful. i wish we could have hung around longer. next time!

we slept in the van every night but the last, and it was damn comfortable. i'm sorry to give it up as my home after the past five days. we slept over in the richest area in san francisco, in front of a house for sale. damn dirty hippies.

we wandered through chinatown some before the rain wore us down, and headed home.

i drove past a trailer with three teenage guys sitting by the back window, holding up a sign saying "SHOW US YOUR BOOBS". when they saw me reading it they pleaded and begged. alas, if i had been driving behind rather than past them, or if someone could have held the wheel for a moment, they might have gotten their wish. not that they'd have much to look at.

we saw some amazing scenery. i learned that the I-5 through OR can be beautiful during the day, rather than absolutely boring at night. we stopped just to stand in the wind in the OR plains.

we double-backed just to drive by a sign pronouncing the Pope as the anti-christ, because i missed it the first time we drove by.

we got ticketed in OR. the trooper wore a plastic rain-guard overtop of his hat. as we waited for him to give us a ticket, there was a beautiful rainbow behind us. such strange juxtapositions. we're appealing part of the fine.

we stopped at the cow creek rest area without even meaning to. i noticed where we were when we got out of the van. this amuses me and me alone.

we saw mountain goats, more deer, condors, hawks, redwinged blackbirds, horses, strange blue birds, and a million cows.

we were evil and didn't pay full price for our one night in a motel. i bonded with the host as we bitched about X-Files. the next morning i bonded with the other host as we bitched about snack foods.

many a terrible (but quick!) joke was had. many things were funnier than they should have been due to sleep deprivation alone.

it was possibly the best road trip i have ever had. brent, the relative stranger (known him for just about three weeks at this point) turned out to be an awesome travel companion. amazingly, we still got along by the end of the trip. despite his talent at bad jokes. trust me, it's worth mentioning. he has a perverse gift that can be frightening. we got to see people in san francisco (actually walking up right behind them in the street through a certain amount of luck and timing). we had one day of glorious weather there before the rain began.

i have so many rolls of film waiting to be developed.

the only word to describe the whole trip is "awesome". unfortunately. somebody is in desperate need of a thesaurus. {g}

Friday, May 17, 2002

if i don't get any other time to post, i'm off for the weekend. and while i plan to be back in time to post helena's gallery for the photo exchange (i've got the pictures, just figuring them out now!), i apologise profusely in advance if i'm waylaid along the way. in the meantime, all i know is i'm going south. we might make it to san francisco, who knows. i just hope the weather forecasters are wrong and that it does stay nice all weekend long.

goin' on a road trip...gonna take lotsa pictures... whoo! just have to make it through class first.

Thursday, May 16, 2002

at the moment i am feeling far too paranoid for my own good. with no reason to, either. it's a sunny day, plans seem to be falling together smoothly, i'm leaving in an hour, life should be good.

i think having pictures of newborn babies, harried-looking new moms and the froggy look of a man i truly detest adorning the walls of this cubicle are getting to me. the pictures that people have thrown into the archives astound me sometimes - i have yet to figure out whether to keep them or toss them. and then mr frogface, i just have to find out where he belongs. he disturbs me so.

and i hope i stop coming across photos of nothing more than breasts or (female) asses. you wouldn't believe a couple of the photos i've casually tucked into the garbage. and these are the company archives. lord almighty.
four things:

1. jodi posted her own update! alive and well in berlin. tra la!
2. bouncing emails with jodi for the past 45 minutes was oh so much fun. someone's gonna catch me next time, i know it.
3. i was almost all done. and then season found one more big box of photos. all unmarked, all scrambled together, half belonging in archives and half in sales files. this is never going to end.
4. and i'm still missing half of what should be here.
5. the weather in the northwest is supposed to turn mildly unhappy by mid-weekend. options are: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix (24hr drive though), Oregon coast. or hell, why not, Las Vegas. Where will we end up? lord knows. tomorrow afternoon, i'm off!

back to work.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

i'm missing five hours today. i'm not quite sure where they went, but i'm certain i didn't get them. if you see them lying around, please let me know. i wrote my name in tiny letters in purple ink on the back.

time for another jodi update, for those who care. barcelona was frustrating. rather than deal with the embarassment of not having priced her apples at the market, she dumped the bag near the cashiers. pollo. marseilles was wonderfully friendly. her french is much better than her spanish. she may or may not have seen the alps in her train travels, but she says that you can tell when you've passed from italy into austria, because suddenly the architecture changes to little stereotypically austrian alpine chalets. at the moment i believe she's in berlin. thunder storms are apparently following her around. can you blame them? the last thing i've heard from her is that if i never hear from her again, it is [this person's] fault. it's only been a few days, so no cause for concern quite yet. i'll let you know when the manhunt begins.

yesterday i had high hopes of doing readings at the library, and instead sat down with a stack of astrology books and read up on a few signs. mine, of course, because it always says so many good things about me, though i read one negative trait which i'd never seen before: "liable to pout". hee. {g} but i was also reading up on taurus for a few reasons, one of which being that jodi is a taurus. apparently they're generous and sincere, but they have a hard time being spontaneous and just getting up and going. they just get stuck in routine because it's comfortable. i suppose it's a part of being an earth sign. according to one of the books, libra and taurus can make a stunning pair, both being interested in the intellectual side of the world, and can be great work partners. the two are polar opposites: taurus is negative and feminine, libra is positive and masculine. the fact that one's an earth and one's an air sign, that's where the tension can come from. although sexually it could be incredible, the worst pairing of the two would be in family. so i guess jodi and i can never be wed. i cried meself to sleep last night over this. so sad. {g} the best part, of course, was that in a relationship between a libra and taurus, of any sort, the one thing that you need to watch out for is stagnation (for lack of a better word) because together the two of them could fall into not making any decisions at all. not necessarily a bad thing, but at least with jodi and i, it's so very true.

i don't think i believe in astrology. at least, not that much. i just find it quite amusing how certain things did make sense. jodi always complains how she thinks that she's got the wrong birthday, that her sign doesn't relate to her at all, but i don't know about that. i tried to make sense of the celtic lunar zodiac as well, though it's a bit more intricate so i don't really know how much i learned about it. still came across similar traits, though. of course. and i like the fact that my sign is associated with the faery folk. they're not quite elven, but that's alright. {g}

i do think i'm spoilt with being a libra. everyone always praises libra's wonderfulness. surely we're not all that great. though i'm not going to complain either. {g}
happy birthday kitana!

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

i found a picture in the archives of some company BBQ from 1984. my mom is sitting with rebecca in her arms, david's stealing food off of someone's plate, and there in the middle is me holding a drink and a hint of a smile for the camera, white-blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. i was so cute. how people mistook rebecca and i for twins though, i really don't know. i'm taking the picture home to scan it tonight. quite freaky seeing me in the company archives. almost as strange as seeing my mom at a company party in 1979 while she was pregnant with me. she still had her long hippie hair then.

my dad has worked here far too long.
i should definately not be working here now.

at least one of these comments are true, and i can hazard an educated guess at which it is.

Which Piercing are you?

that's completely unsurprising now, isn't it. hey! as soon as i finish this job, i can pierce my eyebrow like i had planned to do this summer. or i could just do it anyways and see if anyone even notices. i bet they wouldn't. i'm a nobody here. at least, the bigwigs never notice me. the bigwigs don't notice me and the little people love me. i don't know what i did to deserve the honour, but i'm certain an eyebrow ring would be appreciated by the people who did notice. until word got around to the people who matter. hmm. now i want to pierce my eyebrow solely to see if i could get away with it. hmm.
tonight i pick up helena's film from the developper's. hurrah! can't wait to see what's on there. i'm still worried about the film i sent to trevor. of course, the roll of film i shot after i'd sent my roll to trevor was full of good shots. i'll just keep my fingers crossed in the meantime. for both the film that trevor has, as well as the band pics kevin's developping today.

if i could get a job doing band photography, i would be so happy. i had so much fun over the past few days. i considered that an official job and was thrilled to do it. which makes sitting here doing a mind-numbingly boring job that i'm actually paid for completely abhorrent. i don't want to be here. not at all. i've had a job that in enjoyed and liked and associated meself with, and i don't want to go back to monkey!work. when i was talking to Odds!Pat last night he asked me what i did. i said, "student...photographer..." didn't even think about it until after i said it. but it felt nice saying that i'm a photographer. i'd kinda like it if i could keep that in my name.

my dad's out of town at the moment. i didn't even realise he'd gone amidst the festival craziness, and last night consisted of the bunch of us at home trying to figure out exactly what day he did leave (which would then help us figure out what day he was back). (okay, so we spent about 3 minutes discussing it before moving along to more interesting topics, but we did spend a little while at least!) but i spoke to him this morning, and he's in lakeville with lisa, his girlfriend (so strange to say). he told me about a party that he'd been at, hosted by some friends of theirs. it's really strange hearing him talk about people "we" know and understanding that to mean "lisa and i". very very strange. he told me about one of his lawyer friends who appeared before the supreme court, incredibly impressed by this, telling me that it's a very rare privilidge indeed to appear in the supreme court. i wasn't too excited over the prospect, but i realised that if he had told me that his friend had a band or had opened an art show or anything else along the more creative lines, i'd have been terribly impressed. diff'rent strokes, i guess. if only i were the lawyer my dad wishes i were, maybe i'd get excited over these things as well.

could you imagine me as a lawyer? using logic and reasoning in the regular way? dressing professionally? not doing little skippy dances when i get bored with the proceedings? playing by the rules and calling people "your honour"? lord knows what my father is thinking. it is to laugh.

and laugh and laugh and laugh.

my dad went on to tell me that i should get a degree and get a proper job and keep up the photography and whatnot on the side, and maybe someday i'd have the opportunity to work on it as more than a hobby. i don't think he realises how much that saddened me. he really wants me to graduate and get a "real" job. he suggested marketting. the communications student in me screamed. fortunately it has a cold at the moment and no sound came out. he means well, i'm just not quite prepared to drop my naive and idealistic ideas quite yet. let me get to nepal first. then we'll start dealing with the real world.

when i finish with these binders i never have to come back here. you would think that would be inspiration enough.
oh again. i'm over stupid security guards. as natasha and i were walking back to the car, i was griping one last time, and she told me to just get it out of my system, so we both yelled as loud as we could. and it felt so good we did it again. and we noticed people watching us, so we did it again. and then we invited them to do it and a woman my mother's age opened up and yelled. and so did the people across the street. and the guy in the car at the stoplight. and the Cool Guys walking down the road towards us. and then we noticed a cop car at the next intersection and figured that it might be a good idea to stop yelling. things always feel better when you get everyone involved.

Monday, May 13, 2002

oh. nina from joymakers and dave and kevin acting sweet and pathetic. and bruce and scott and the balloons. but mostly dave and kevin acting like 6 year olds. absolutely marvelous. almost made me want to have kids. except that they're all grown up. ah well.
kids in the hall was tonight. never did see celia and em, though we didn't stick around afterwards to meet the guys - natasha and i both have to be up obscenely early tomorrow - so they were prolly there. at the end of the show the audience sang brucio a happy birthday, which he didn't quite seem to know how to take. course, when a venue of what... over a thousand people sing you a happy birthday, it could be a little overwhelming. {g} highly entertaining, however. audience participation was grand: the guy in the audience who took it upon himself to make love to the camera when the camcorder was pointing in his direction (i apologise to those of you who don't know the'll live) was hilarious. action stopped for a few minutes there. the camera police were out in droves, but i wasn't using a flash (the official rule was no flash photography because they were filming the show), so they had nothing on me! hah. though we'll see how the pics turn out. i tried, jodi!

after the show ended, natasha and i hung around in the theatre waiting for the crowd to clear out and i noticed pat and doug (formerly of the Odds) a few rows down. we'd already agreed not to hang around outside after the show (unfortunately), and even though i'm past feeling fannish lately, i went over to ask for a picture because why the hell not. chatted briefly with pat, because i'd seen him at a couple shows at NMW and we compared notes on a couple concerts. and then the camera police/security guards came by and sternly asked if everyone here was part of the aftershow party, which natasha and i weren't, and he looked at us accusingly when he asked everyone for passes. as we were walking out the room. i'm really getting tired of security guards on ego trips. they're not making me too happy these days.

and now i must go. aloe awaits, for my back is itchy and burnt, for i am a moron. but a moron who has to decide where she's going later this week for her mini-vacation. this decision also affects which people are going with her, which is the tougher part of the decision. too many choices. though seeking druid mages in oregon is really appealing, as fantasmical as it sounds. or maybe i'll just go to bed.
you knew it would happen eventually. guess who has a didgeridoo?

it's smaller but it's a comfortable size, and it's easier to blow! and the motto of those who taught me: loose and juicy does the trick!

that sounds so wrong out of context.

other quick (hah!) comments:
the commodore can fuck itself. as always they were rude from the get-go, but when the real fuss began i didn't know the rules and after every other show where i can take what i want, even if i should have realised it would be different, i didn't think. i couldn't understand what they were trying to tell me at the time, and i didn't mean any harm. i didn't deserve not being told what i did wrong, or being tossed off when i tried to find out what i did and what they were going to do. so at the moment i don't know if i'm going to get in trouble from kevin and the festival or if the fact that i was shooting for the festival organisers makes everything alright or what. i don't even care about Midnight Oil. i was there doing a job and i was planning on leaving half a second later anyways, i had one picture left on my roll though and wanted to finish it.

shoulda just gone straight down to the Piccadilly and Ms T's. that's where all the good shows were anyways.

i'm trying to get over it, but i'm having a tough time. largely because i'm really concerned that i've done something to screw meself being able to do photography again, and i don't actually know what the final result of last night is. i won't quite be boycotting the commodore in the future, but they've definately dropped to my least-favourite-venue at this point.

on the better side, i have a didge, and yesterday afternoon was the most enjoyable afternoon i had throughout this entire festival. definately the most musical, and it had nothing to do with the festival at all. yay jam sessions at strangers' houses and tagging along with newly found friends to be there in the first place! yay deciding to take a break from everything and then having a tarot card tell me to do it minutes thereafter! yay beautiful women with pink and purple and blue braided hair and crazy clothes and spacy, wide-eyed expressions and business cards made with velvet! yay beautiful weather! yay didge-cleansing rituals! yay heart chakras (which is what note mine's tuned to)! yay business cards that are really hug coupons! yay pseudo-beatniks from fernie! and kevin got me into Super Furry Animals when i shouldn't have gotten in, and the show was awesome. and the Gossip was just as grand. as was every other show in the smaller venues. and i never did get around to seeing matt good. or bif naked. i'm a-crying.

kids in the hall tonight. boop boop be doop!

Friday, May 10, 2002

destroyer will be playing at the blinding light theatre sometime this month. nice and cheap, as well. i am thrilled. no, really.
i'll prolly list bands eventually. i can't remember all the names offhand at the moment. but the salteens are great live. complete goofs. and scott looks (and sorta sounds like) david cross with a curly 'fro going. wearing a shirt that says "i am the fun machine", which lead to witty repartee between the band as they segued to the next song. and he's very generous, offering everyone there chips and cheesies before the other guy leapt onto the speakers to kick them away. he jumped on top of many things. i think he may have a problem. still, i liked the salteens before, but after tonight i'll prolly try to see 'em live whenever i can.

some other good: chatting with the guys of Panurge, chatting with the guys of Motion Soundtrack, chatting with the guys of Late Tuesday (and finding out that they're really really great too! yay nathan's band!), running into peter (his hair is gone. i'm so sad.), chatting with [cfro] rob, running between venues not because i had to, but because i actually can (i'll shut up about this soon. for now it's exciting.), running into laura and having her gush over my pass and my camera (mwahaha).

some freaky: puffy ami yumi are adorable, and their music is a lot of fun, but lord almighty, a crowd of gleeful, ecstatic j-rock fans is SCARY!! i mean, i know fans can be rabid, especially when it's pop music, and especially when it's j-rock, but geez louise i thought i was going to be crushed to death. except that they were all so cute, waving glo-sticks and wearing bobbles and sparkles and jumping up and down incessantly, so it was perfectly alright. the whole theatre was pretty busy with people, but all the hardcore j-rock fans were at the front. i don't know if any of my pics will turn out because of the crowds, but PAY really are fun live.
got to NMW to help out today, and as i walked past the registration room, i glanced in and saw none other than nathan, the guy i met down at the EMP music conference! two of his bands (he's a manager) are playing tonight, and they drove up from bellingham today, plan on doing it for the next two days as well. but really, that is awesome timing. so we chatted some, and they did their thing and i did mine, and we ended up getting together for sushi before they start performing and i start snapping pictures. best of all, i didn't even realise that Late Tuesday was the one he was recommending the most to me down in seattle. so my plans got shuffled around so that i can at least check them out tonight.

but really. how's that for good timing? if i hadn't sat down at tinseltown to drink some tea before dumping the rest out, if i'd drank it all instead of dumping it, chances are i wouldn't have run into nathan at all. they're a fun bunch. wish i'd had my own film in the camera at dinner.

oh, one other perk: exploring the backstage/production area of the vogue (they have groovy couches down there), jordy birch greeting me when i snapped some pictures of the sound check, and hearing some of his songs performed. i'm sorry, it's just funny seeing him perform. no offense meant to him, but... it is. hopefully i'll catch a bit of it tonight before Puffy Ami Yumi. we'll see.
there's just something about most anything to do with that movie that just makes me smile a little, tilt my head just slightly to the left, and get a dreamy expression on my face. i really don't know why. but especially the artwork. this image alone made my day a little nicer.

thank you lee..
i am an idiot with a sticky keyboard who doesn't proofread when she ought to. but it's fixed now. continue.

Thursday, May 09, 2002

one addendum. it's been pointed out to me that if i hadn't been kept up late on monday when i should have been asleep because of that annoying "being social" thing, i wouldn't have been tired and dazed and zoned on tuesday and would not have locked my keys in the car with my camera left on the front seat. i then wouldn't have run into susie by the free phone and we wouldn't have awaited good ol' BCAA together. when we were finally able to open the car doors, i wouldn't have been so very late for my class that going ceased to be an option, thereby allowing susie and i to hang out for three hours and chat, which we haven't done in months.

i also sprinted to catch a bus today. yes, sprinted. with a heavy bag on my back, even. and last night i clambored over a fence and jumped down on the other side to get into the gardens. why is this noteworthy? because my knee didn't give out/hurt/anything afterwards! it's still much weaker, but i think it's finally getting better. huzzah!

one other amusing and completely trivial (read: dull) moment in my day: after coming across the first two pennies (both face-up. i seem to recall that the side facing up means something, but i don't recall what. anyone know?) earlier today, i decided to make a phone call that i had been putting off after i found a third coin. and the day continued on and i'd nearly forgotten my pledge to meself until, as i was chatting with irma in the hall, i noticed a bright shiny new dime less than a metre away. i swear it wasn't there when i walked down the hallway the first time. of course, i'd decided to make the phone call at that point anyways, but it was nice for coincidence to line it up for me as well. even better, however, was the fact that the person i was supposed to call actually called me at roughly the same time, though due to being in class and being in a concrete castle (otherwise known as SFU) i didn't realise this until much later on.

it was fate, i tell ya!

yes, random babbles and wordy entries mean that there's something else on my mind that i'm decidedly not posting about. although i'd really like to. but it's boring and pointless and would only come back to haunt me if i did, so i won't. i know you're disappointed.
i left class early (yes, 9:45pm will from this week forward be considered "early") because i couldn't sit still watching Bertolucci's 1900 any longer. sadly, i found meself beginning to truly get into the film at that point, but the cold room, uncomfortable chairs, and feeling of mild illness was too much. and now i sit at the radio station, awaiting a ride home. if sarah was smart, she would call for the ride home before she calls a friend to say hi.

ah well.

who on earth is doing a semi-regular search for "Sarah[space]C" and coming across my page? it was curious the first time, now it's just strange. why are you seeking me out? why am i so special?

if the world were ideal, i would be bussing it to a friend's place at the bottom of the hill (because at least the busses run from SFU to places other than coquitlam right now, stupid busses ignoring the suburbs...) to have fruit salad and watch some lame 80s flick and then have the opportunity to sleep in as long as i wanted. i wouldn't be feeling minorly stressed in having to face class tomorrow morning and beginning my four days o' fun tomorrow, awaiting a ride home, and i wouldn't feel so achy and pained in every possible way. having food might help me a little, but i have no appetite either. it's a catch 22. what to do?

alas, it is not to be.

and because i'm rambling anyways, i had the opportunity to visit a stranger's house yesterday. his name's matt (not matt), he's from northern ontario, and he's heading back there on monday. he's the homeless guy i met awhile back with the Buckaroo Banzai patch on his shirt. i was chatting to him that afternoon though, and he invited me to hang out with him later on, so we snuck into the botanical gardens at UBC for awhile, and then we went back to his place, behind the post office on 4th and Cambie. he sets it up so that he's sheltered from the wind, and honestly, with the cardboard laid out, it's relatively comfortable. he was very conscious about it though. when we got there, he commented out of nowhere that suddenly he was feeling very ashamed. and then he changed the topic, because that's just how he is. but when we first got there, he apologised for the mess, pointed to the corner where the cd player was and told me to put on some tunes (i said i preferred the ambient noise) and then as he set the place up, he asked me if i could just feed the goldfish for him. he made light of it all, but it was strange. probably more so in retrospect, just because i think more about how i would feel in his situation, not just wonder what exactly i should say. anyways, i hope things work out for him in ontario. his mom sent a plane ticket to him (at his little sister's insistance, actually), and he's been waiting to leave for awhile - since before i met him. still, it was a good night. got to see the world through someone else's eyes for a little while.

that was also the day i was called an angel three times. it's so rare, and then thrice in a day! why i was on cloud nine.

badum bum ching.

i should see if my ride's here.

Monday, May 06, 2002

woke up shivering this morning, but figured it was because i'd left my window open a little too wide last night. and then i noticed two inches of snow outside. and on the drive to work we went through possibly the darkest and most menacing cloud i have ever seen. crazy, crazy weather. i love it.
i got home twenty minutes ago to find daniel and carl lifting up a couch on the front lawn. daniel asked me if i wanted to help. i asked why they had a couch. "we found it!" i got inside and discovered another matching couch in the front hallway. y'see, it's spring cleaning at the moment, so everyone has crazy trash out on the roads right now, and now is when the scavengers come scouting through. and it's a ritual that daniel and carl poke around to see what they can find as well.

the thing is, most scavengers have vehicles of some sort. daniel and carl don't. they don't even drive. they found the couch over on the other part of the hill (ranch park, on the off-chance that someone reading this knows coquitlam neighbourhoods), which means a bit of a walk. and they carried these couches the entire way back, piled one on top of the other. they shaved a good 15 minutes off their trip by cutting through a yard, though. "and the people were watching us too. they didn't say anything to us, just watched."

they're going to go look around some more tomorrow, see what else they can find. it's good to know that when daniel moves out, he'll find all his furniture used, i'm sure. he's so proud of this though. "[the scavengers] had trucks! they had wheels, and we still beat them! we got the couch before any of them."

have i mentioned how much i love daniel? i just can't believe that they carried two couches all the way home. they're decent-looking couches, it's true, but it's something only daniel and carl would do, and then talk about it as though it was an everyday event. ah, daniel. {g}
just came across the writeup for Young & Sexy at NMW. this is the band that struck me as dull, boring, pretensious, and way too long-winded when they opened for the New Pornographers, and i wasn't the only one. anyways, here:

Paul Hixon Pittman was raised in Saskatoon, SK, where he spent much of his youth nurturing his talent for Badminton into a successful amateur career. At the age of 20, with thirteen years of ups and downs on the Canadian Jr. Circuit behind him, he threw in the racquet to heed the siren call of post-secondary education. Two semesters later, he traded in his student life for a joe job and rent just cheap enough to allow him to fully realize the depth of his love for drinking. He went from the Rocky Mountain tourist trap of Lake Louise, AB, to Saskatoon and back again, before eventually fleeing the prairies and ending up on the West Coast, where he first started applying the work ethic he had developed as an athlete to the craft of songwriting.

maybe i'm just being mean to 'em, but this is what they submitted for the page where people define their music. and we get a story about an ex-badminton player. oh how very sweet.

i know one show i'll be purposefully missing, i think.

Sunday, May 05, 2002

rebecca just told me that we missed out on Saint James the Great day! april 30th. damn. and we had the hats and everything. man, he was so great... fortunately the Ascention of Jesus day is still coming up - May 9. still enough time to get my cards written.

five (plus one) suggestions:
the lilys - accepting applications at university
the gants - i wonder what she's doing tonight 41. (for the "meep meep")
optigonally yours - non partison
arlo guthrie - alice's restaurant massacre (the 20-minute version)
mountain goats - family happiness
of montreal - lecithin's tale of a DNA experiment gone awry
someone has decided that taunting will get her responses. someone is cruel and heartless and mean and the reason why i sat in the corner and cried all morning. well, if i had sat and cried. instead i woke up at 7:30 sans alarm, after only 5 hours sleep, unable to go back to sleep. someone (else) is mocking me.

well your mockery worked. so what must you read? the problem is that you're looking for the classic books of enrichment, and... i don't know if i can suggest anything useful! and even if you claim not to have read the good ones, i don't know that you haven't read my picks. but that warning aside, here's a few that would be terrible to have missed, or at least ones that i adore(d). and a lot are kids' books, but you've got to admit, some of those are the best ones at times. you've mentioned you're reading Catch-22, which is very good to hear. everyone should read that book. but others, in absolutely no order whatsoever...

Roald Dahl - everything The BFG. Fantastic Mr Fox (the book of choice to warp the li'l german kids' minds back in december). The Witches. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. but read the stories he wrote for grown-ups as well. they're even stranger. i've only read a collection of shorts that jodi leant me, but have you seen Four Rooms? if you have, the last story in the sequence about chopping off the finger. in the film they say that they got the idea from the Twilight Zone, but it's actually a RD short. good story, too.
Richard Adams - Watership Down oddly, one of my favourite books for years, and yet i still don't have my own copy of it. still good now, though.
Robert C O'Brien - Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of N.I.M.H. the movie never did it justice.
J.G. Ballard - Empire of the Sun his other books have have their merits, but this one's my favorite out of what i've read so far. based on his real life, and the film was based on the book. the film, which i still haven't read, despite being told to months ago.
George Orwell - most everything, but of course 1984 i read and adored 1984 when i twelve, but i only read Down & Out in London & Paris five years ago for a class. i already liked Orwell, but he got more respect from me after that.
Kafka - again, most everything The Metamorphosis is heralded a lot, and for good reason. don't start with In the Penal Colony though. i wanted to like it when i read it in high school, but... i didn't then.
Kenneth Grahame - Wind in the Willows for some reason a lot of the books i loved as a kid had animals as main characters. surely this must mean something.
Harper Lee - To Kill A Mockingbird it took my until grade ten to read it, sadly. of course, i still haven't even read Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, even though i have had so many conversations about how wonderful the book is when people learn my last name (even though it's not spelt the same as holden's). i've never had a person exclaim their hatred for the book, so that must be a good sign.
Jeanette Winterson - lots i'll admit i've only read Oranges are Not the Only Fruit, but it was really good, and i've come across her name on a number of lists and have always meant to read more.
L.M. Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables she had red hair and an imagination. what more do you want? Anne of Avonlea is alright, you get into her and Gil falling in love, but i never really got into the rest of the series. it got too sweet and romantic and i darn near puked. but when she's still young and full of imagination, Anne is awesome.
P.G. Wodehouse - Jeeves & Wooster series hugh laurie and stephen fry did a wonderful job with the tv series, but they had a great foundation to begin with. yay dry british humour!
Gordan Korman - the MacDonald Hall series did you know that he published the first Bruno and Boots book while he was still in high school? i'm still amazed. not that he had the talent, but because he actually ended up published, and had one of the best sets of canadian kids books running even before he graduated. and not only that, Cathy and Diane made for some great female characters, something i discovered and appreciated when i read the books over Christmas.
Ursula LeGuin - Earthsea trilogy & The Disposessed one of my favourite fantasy writers at the moment, i think.
Sempé - Le petit Nicolas series this is why everyone should learn french. just to read these books. they're all about Nicolas and his friends in grade school. they get in trouble. they torture their teachers. they make fun of each other. they beat each other up. and that's really about as deep as it gets. and this is a good thing, trust me. {g}
Neal Stephenson - Snow Crash SF cyberpunk. and the main character is Hiro Protagonist.
Mervyn Peake - Gormenghast trilogy i haven't even finished the first book, but i'll put it on anyways because it's tough to get into, but i like it. i may be trying too hard to like it, simply because i've heard rave reviews of it so often, but so be it.
Shakespeare - the plays you haven't heard of before possibly a lame pick, but Coriolanus is an awesome play which i didn't even know how to pronounce when it was assigned to us.
Diana Wynn Jones - Howl's Moving Castle & the Chrestomanci books which i only read thanks to jodi (who is one of the best people to go to if you want a list of great kids books). just read it. kids fantasy was wonderful before Harry Potter (which is also good, but not worth the hype).
Astrid Lindgren - the Pippi books because Pippi can do everything.

and just because i have one of her lists printed out and she prolly won't post anything in the near future, here's her suggestions (which i recommend meself, of the ones i've read), from an email with the subject, "Re: Canadian drinking age" for some reason:
Pamela Dean - Tam Lin!
Winnie the Pooh - they're great, though Piglet's really a bit of a jerk...
Peter Pan, cause it's creepy.
Alice in Wonderland, cause it's creepy in a defferent way.
Roald Dahl (it bears repeating)
Narnia books, despite their strong religious slant.
Edward Eager's earlier stuff, because his later stuff is him ripping himself or other authors off.
E. Nesbit, especially the Five Children and It
Harriet the Spy
Monica Hughes, though it's a sort of intro to SF ideas.
Lighter stuff:
Louis Sachar's Wayside School books
The Great Brain
Gordan Korman, especially the Bruno and Boots books
The Phantom Tollbooth
Emil & the Detectives
Arthur Ransome - Swallows & Amazons
Mrs. Pepperpot & Pippi

so. there's a bunch of books. not sure if you want to deal with kids' books, but think of how quickly you can zoom through them! what a long post. ah well. go read.

Saturday, May 04, 2002

holy shitake mushrooms. BIG time score.

1. rolls and rolls of film provided by the festival organisers.
2. complete ownership of the negatives after everything is through.
3. credit given where credit is due.
4. over 200 concerts in three days.
5. panurge, super furry animals, the organ, cranes, jordy birch *snerk*, puffy ami yumi, coby, gavin froome, salteens, lily frost, mediaeval babes, p:ano, the gay, malcolm jamal warner, CR Avery, and more.
6. ALL-ACCESS PASS!!! which almost no one else gets. which means full run of the conferences as well as all the shows, not to mention no worrying about lineups (save at the commodore). which means sitting in and snapping pictures of gene simmons, george strombolopolous {sp}, matt good (he's a headliner, therefore the festival needs pics. 'sides - they could prove to be handy in the future.), and all the interesting-sounding panels that i want.

the other volunteer photographer is named sarah as well. the energy that that girl has is astounding. she's thrilled with the assignment as well. this is so much better than any job i expected in volunteering. it's such a shame i won't be here next year!

other highlights:
- i now own Idoru, only because it was forced upon me.
- June and the gopher hole museum in Calgary where they have set up stuffed gophers doing "interesting things", as well as their yearly enactment of the passion, where you' re able to arrive early to was the actors mill about - excitement!
- "...what bus home are you catching?"
- kevin, the musician-barrista-facepainter-artist who changed my life forever.
- learning about other darkroom facilities, for reasonably cheap. finally - a return to black and white photography!
- brazilian canouira group (percussion and martial arts combined) practice on sunday - visitors welcome.
- the elephant water gun. you know you want one. and the headless equestrian keychain.
- "which side do i sit on? here! cuz then i can look at extreme beauty. or no! i can sit on *this* side, and be right next to extreme beauty!" and a million and one puns.
- superfriendly potheads and/or insane people that make for a beautifully (and surprisingly) relaxed atmosphere.
- catherine catching her finger in a mousetrap, proving herself to be a complete dolt.

next weekend will be positively insane. boogie oogie oo. {g}
can anyone honestly say that they have never stolen 5-cent candies from 7-11?* every time you have a bundle in a bag, they expect you to tell them, so you do -- shaving off a number or two. or are there sincerely honest and good-hearted folk in the world who would never even consider scamming good ol' 7-11, even in the slightest?

* if you've never bought 5-cent candies in your life, you're excused. and you're missing out.

Friday, May 03, 2002

the options are:
A: prerecording my radio show for tonight, in order to see SFU grad films (last chance), which also might result in seeing someone whose number i've lost but want to stay in touch with, mailing things at the local post office on the way to school.


B: driving to blaine to mail something for nervousness, if only because it should be in seattle asap, taking pictures, playing my show live (which i'd rather do), and going home to bed.

but then i don't see the films - tonight's the last night. hmm...
...and then i get the a phonecall i do want, and things are better. not completely, but on the way, at least. didn't realise i was waiting on that one. god bless cute indie boys with nice voices.

completely unrelated:
do older men realise it when they're being married for their money? or older women. not to say that all age-gapped marriages are for money, but sometimes you can be pretty certain that love isn't the younger person's reason. or maybe i just don't give her* enough credit as a decent human being. my loss, i'm sure.

* one of the people on my extremely short list of "people i hate", a person i used to work with. afterall, why should she keep working when she's marrying someone who's rolling in money?
i just realised that i want to have absolutely nothing to do with people today, though it took a friendly invitation for me to realise just how much i'd rather avoid them. an invitation which i proceeded to deal with all flustered-like and confused and just generally flub up. this is partially to blame on the fact that i was talking on a cell phone. but not entirely.

and here i thought i wanted to go out tonight. or maybe it's just that it was the wrong person inviting me out. poor guy. and now i look like a ditz, but unfortunately that's nothing new.

still bored at work.
a lot of city names in the US are (european) first names. i'm reading through publicity for a past RB sale in kyle, TX at the moment which led to a quick search in yahoo maps for random city names. everyone in my family (extended family included) has a town named after them except for my mom and most of her siblings. poor highland children. searching for relatives' names made me realise that i have no clue what my mom's father's name was. strange.

some road trip will take me to as many first-name cities as possible. and then everyone will get a picture of their name on a sign for christmas. maybe i can make a business out of it and the whole trip could be written off as a business expense. everyone would clamour for their name on a billboard-sized sign, and people would be amazed and astounded as i quickly make my way to fame. people would interview me asking how it was that a little blonde girl could come up with such a brilliant idea, and i would merely smile innocently, shrugging slightly as if to say, 'gee who'da thunk it, huh?' it would be my token look, and soon the advertising world would beg me to front their products, knowing that my charm alone would guarantee record sales. after a few years in the public eye, the media would report my death due to a freak pedestrian accident, and millions would mourn my loss as i disappear to travel the world incognito for the rest of my days, starting with cuba of course.

so many good ideas come in the morning. no, i'm not bored in the least!

Thursday, May 02, 2002

Douglas Rushkoff has a blog, which will be of mild excitement to some i'm sure (people like, say, me), but there are some interesting discussions stemming from his posts. and actually, that's a reason i like his page. and why i like (good) communications classes. insightful discussions about world affairs never seem to be as prevalent outside of an academic setting, if only partially because nowhere else are you quite as sheltered in your idealistic world view, i'm sure. (don't worry, that's not a slag against academia. or if it is, it's a slag against meself as well. i'm the one who's never going to graduate!) anyways. if i'm ever in dire need of a depressing communications world view, i know where i can go.

i want to be able to sit in line to see Star Wars in LA. not because i want to see the movie that badly. but because i want to sit in the line-up. if you've ever had a fangeek time in your life, you'd understand.

and finally, i want a lomo.
the choice was between cinnamint or gingermint. i've used cinnamint before and i love it, but the idea of ginger-flavoured toothpaste is one worth considering, and it actually smelt tasty (at least it did if you like ginger). after spending a good fifteen minutes wandering around the store with both in hand, asking random customers and unsuspecting employees which one they'd choose, the decision was made - gingermint toothpaste is tasty!

cinnamint's still my favourite, though. must remember to stock up before going to prague.

Wednesday, May 01, 2002

alas, the test results i tried to post hours ago somehow got lost in the process. i'm sure anyone reading is terribly disappointed not knowing that i'm most like a toaster, or that i'm going to die of suicide, or that the candy i'm like is gummy bears (not gummi baeren {sp}), or that i'm a rainbow, just like jess. tragic. that you don't know this, not that i'm a rainbow.

i did learn that i know the panago number off by heart tonight. we were too lazy to find a phone book so we guessed. sadly, the poor pizza worker on the other end of the line was hardly impressed. she didn't even try to share my joy. you'd think that calls full of inane joys would at least be a bit of a highlight in the mundane world of the pizza-order-people. but apparently not.

what i won't admit to is having watched buffy eps, lifted from jodi's collection when i was at her house yesterday. even though it was for the sole intention of finding not only a single episode, but one specific scene. with spike and xander, of course, the only characters which have the potential to pull me into that show because most of the others annoy me. fortunately i found the scene (and it was surely worth the time spent finding it) and can now return the videos before jodi gets home. not that it matters, because her mom ratted me out. oh, the mockery i shall now endure. such is life. still. it's so not a great show. but i'll admit, it does have its moments. and i was lucky to have daniel watching with me half the time, another avid non-watcher of the show, because he could give me the background on the bits that jodi hadn't already gone on about to me.

and now back to my non-buffy-watching life.
i could never be a PR person. or someone who gave morale* speeches and presentations that make you proud of your job.** reading old articles and speech outlines... good lord. it almost makes me ill. i don't know if it's the perkiness, or the false wonderfulness, or the tootin' it's own horn or what, but i just can't stand it. all this work to put forth a happy image.

the sexism hidden in the wording's mildly amusing, though. except that in this company, more often than not, it's still there. i should really make sure a search for this company will never ever bring up my page, just to be on the safe side. {g}

* moralE. not moral. whoops.
** i know there's a word for that, but i don't recall it offhand.
being nothing but a school girl, i'm looking for advice, as the automatic reaction from those above me would be to keep everything if they could. if i'm putting together archives for a company, is there really a need to hold onto 25-yr-old articles that only mention in passing that the archiving company will liquidate goods, or whatever other mundane reference might exist?

i really don't know why i was given this job five years ago. on the plus side, it's a guaranteed job for me whenever i want it, because of this, but still. aren't there people trained to do these things or does everyone else just bullshit their way through as well?
pep talks make me sick.
unfortunately blogger decided to stop working for me last night, and i couldn't post this then. so now it's a happy BELATED birthday to jodi! (the bestest best friend, spending her time in barcelona now, lucky girl..)