Sunday, September 30, 2001

btw. the tunic is FINISHED!!! ::happyhappyhappy dance::

so krista, if you actually read this, you'll get it back as soon as i get around to mailing it. so what, another 3 months or so? {g}
i should be sleeping. therefore, i must be. which means that i type this as i dream. i'm sleep-typing. oooh....

i just noticed that neil innes is performing with yo la tengo in hoboken on october 6, the day that goose & co are going. lucky them. october 6 is my birthday.

if i lived out there and that was on my birthday, i'd take it as a sign of some sort. but i don't. and instead of seeing neil, i'll be seeing some crazy films at the VIFF. fascinating, is it not?

and if anyone wants to come see Hayden with me on the 7th, let me know. really want to go.
it's 4. i've done fuck-all today. so i will now go rent a couple movies, and then start all the work i'm putting off. really, i will....
followed the link from nicole and tara. guess who it was!

it's thom!

tickled pink at the result, but if everyone's getting him.... well it must simply mean that we're all terribly artsy and angsty individuals, mustn't it!
for some reason, there's two videos out there for weezer's Island in the Sun. which is all well and good, but i just saw the newer one (i'm assuming newer... i'd only seen the other one about a month ago). ramble ramble ramble.

ANYWAYS. the new one, it's them in some game farm, i'd assume, playing with baby animals. kittens, puppies, chimps, bear & lion cubs, and then some adult animals here and there. but it's so blatantly "look! it's the boys of weezer playing with baby animals! and it's nice and sunny! isn't it all so CUTE?!?!?"

awful. and yet it's true. awww..... i want to play with baby animals in savannah-esque fields.

anything's better than homework.

Saturday, September 29, 2001

i have now, for the first time ever, played BINGO in an actual bingo hall. it actually is fun and totally addictive - there's this bizarre rush you get from almost winning that you don't even notice until someone else calls out bingo. and i had no idea that it was so complex. in fact, when we got in there, the manager of the place came and sat down with us to explain everything and help us through our games. very nice fellow. the port moody bingo hall has my thumbs up for "Nicest Hall I've Ever Been To."

so yeah, it was Do Spontaneous Cool Things With The Inkpens night. and that was by far the coolest. we're such geeks. but seriously, it was fun! i encourage everyone to go try bingo at some point. next time we go though, we're bringing a ton of trinkets for good luck charms. i mean, if you're gonna play the part, may as well do it to perfection, right?

but what i really meant to write about. when i got home, daniel was channel surfing, and came across some crappy voyeuristic dating show, this one hosted by greg proops. so sad, that that's what he's doing. and ahmed zappa was one of the panelists. somehow i thought that he was above that, but what do i know. at any rate.

now maybe i'm naive, but my understanding of these shows has been that they get some poor suckers to go on a blind date for the sake of the show. always thought that it was awful that they're slagged so much on the air, but then again, if you're stupid enough to go on a date on national television, you probably deserve it.

so just because it's been a long while since i've seen greg on anything (having sworn never to watch the US WLiiA? shows both out of principal and good taste), i told daniel to stick to the show a little while. and they introduced the suckers, a girl who loved speed and sex, and a guy who's scared of speed and is terribly self-deprecating. hmm...wonder what the outcome'll be for this one? wouldn't have paid any more attention except for the fact that the guy looked terribly familiar. and after a couple minutes i figured out who he was.

spencer rice. canadian actor/screenwriter/director, who i saw in Pitch, a documentary i suppose, of two guys trying to sell their script. interesting, if you can find it anywhere (yay canadian indie movies! on the First Rites label. speaking of which, i saw another one of FR's at rogers today which looks like a romantic comedy-esque movie. except that in their list of stars, they have ernie coombs, mr dressup for those in the dark. i'm intrigued, yet poor, so i'll have to remain only intrigued for the time being. doh.). the thing is, he's an actor. and while he showed himself to be somewhat pathetic at times in Pitch, he was nowhere near as bad as he was on RendezView, or whatever it's called. suddenly i realised that the people that are mocked are probably just actors given a scant character and told to act it up. which doesn't change the fact that the show is still a horrific example of what "entertainment" is these days, but suddenly shines a whole new light on things.

the worst thing of all was that amidst my horror at this discovery, as well as my sadness that someone who i'd liked so much in his movie was on a show that i despised, i watched most of the show. just because i couldn't believe that it really was spencer. although they did call him spencer, at least, so i'm just confused. but it makes perfect sense that those people are just actors trying to get a break. iirc, however, spencer had a girlfriend in Pitch, and it'd be a shame if they weren't still together. not that i'd know, but yeah. more proof that what we saw was just a character for the panel to pick upon.

(i apologize for a lack of decent links for anything. internet is crawling, and half the pages aren't even loading, so i can't do a proper search. hopefully i'll be able to fix things tomorrow.)
go download this song. or at least read the lyrics. it may be long, but it's worth it.
(s/t: moscow nights)
i've been getting a ride into work with Jake, one of the sales guy, the past few days. it's been an interesting experience.

not that his driving abilities leave something to be desired. on the contrary, he's a great driver. but we were randomly chatting about things. i've never spoken to him too much, just because i don't really talk seriously to the sales guys. just banter when we have to interact. however, i have learned that jake has very strong opinions about most things. he's one of those black or white folks. and, more often than not, his opinions are wonderfully under-informed. not that i pointed that out to him, me still wanting to be able to bum rides. but the best conversation:

kim got married this past weekend, everything went wonderfully, but i've always loved her little "KT" scribble she uses to sign things, only now she's "KL," which seemed such a shame. and personally, if i ever got married (hah!), i think i'd keep my own name anyways. unless it would be a really cool new last name. but i was just thinking about it all, so i asked jake what he thought about married women keeping their own names.

"if she wasn't going to take my name, i wouldn't marry her!"

apparently it would be such a symbol of disrespect, that if she couldn't change her name to marry him, he didn't want her, etc etc etc. the ultimate sign of disrespect, i suppose. so if i ever really want to snub a person, tell 'em i'd never change my name for them. because of course it's a personal attack. nothing to do with my being me. that, and splashing water on a person.

ooh, i'm evil. PURE evil.

Friday, September 28, 2001

on top of french, i want to learn this language as well. whatever it is, it looks so much more interesting than english. (that, and for some reason i really like the layout. must be the colour. image seems very fiona apple-ish as well. imho.)
(note: i don't even know if that's the correct conjugation. i know it's the right sound, but maybe it's "il s'est suicidé." i don't remember if it goes with avoir or être in passé composé. used to. one of the things jiwa & morasutti drove into us. and the more i think of it, "il s'est suicidé" looks better. not to mention, isn't PC a one-time thing, whereas imparfait wasn't specific to a particular time?

so consider me corrected. "il s'est suicidé" it is.)
"il se suicidait."

for some reason, that phrase has been floating around my head all day long. not in the written word, because it looks really funny actually seeing it there and conjugated, but the sound of it. i really don't know why.

maybe it's because of the dream i had this morning. it was one of those dreams that you remember when you wake up, and think that you should really write it down before you lose it, because it was so interesting. but i didn't. all i remember was that it was terribly exciting, possibly frightening, very grey, and, i'm pretty certain, involved a guy jumping off a tower. either that, or grappling his way up. regardless, it must have been a big production, because i actually woke up from it, which i rarely ever do. usually it's one of the cats lurking around that wakes me up mid-dream.

still, that's the only explanation for such a happy phrase going through my head for the past 10 hours.

Thursday, September 27, 2001

so i'm going to move to france. i've always wanted to be more proficient in the language.

....and apparently they have four-day working weeks. which means regular three-day weekends.

in other unrelated news, i was driving through kitsilano today. pretty area, small, older houses, trees and greenery all over, beautiful, windy, sunny day. and as i drove along, i saw a man crossing the street beside me, jeans and a blue jacket, wearing a skull mask. one of those covers-the-whole-head deals. i love vancouver.

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

with all the garbled english yesterday, i forgot to mention the reverend's other point during the peace rally. that using god as an excuse, or the whole "god s on our side" mentality is complete garbage, because if jesus was around, he'd be apalled that going to war was being justified by his name. that excusing your actions because of divine right was no excuse at all. and that was why god should be dropped entirely, because in actuality, god sorta sucks as a mascot. if you trust what everyone says of god, he can be a very sadistic guy at times....

etc etc etc. i know, it's only to be expected of a religious fella, but still. he was actually saying it, although i'll admit that i worded that last bit, not him. i mean, could you really see a good ol' 1950s reverend saying that?

nevermind. i totally could. {g}

Monday, September 24, 2001

a quick plea to anyone reading this who knows their fiction.

i'm taking that class on women & utopias, and as a part of the workload, we have to choose our own novel with a feminist slant to utopias or dystopias. we're reading atwood (handmaid's tale), leguin (disposessed), piercy (women on the edge of time) and a collection of essays called sextopia, and lynn (the prof) offered some suggestions: octavia e butler, suzy mckee charnis, louise marley, nicola griffiths, sherri s tepper & candas jane dorsey.

but i'd like to be able to choose a book that she hasn't read, just for variety on her part. so, i was wondering if there was anything that sprang to mind as a book that i should read. if you know of one, or if there's a book by one of the above that should not be missed, regardless of whether lynn already knows it or not, or know the authors and a specific book that's good, or another book along the same lines as one that you've read.... please let me know!

and sorry for the convoluted english. i'm tired.
one more comment. this guy is amazing. i only wish my procrastination was half as fruitful.
(s/t: bottle rocket. "you're trash. it doesn't sound so bad in spanish.." yay wes anderson & wilson bros!)

forgot to add one other point of amusement from yesterday: we actually saw the lawn ranger (scroll down a bit) in person. scary stuff. astroturf jumpers, retardedly cool. vest and hat of fake long grass, just plain wrong.

for the first time ever, i purposefully went to a protest today. well, a peace rally. my dad was not a fan about me going, which was to be expected i suppose. but the whole thing was actually pretty interesting. listening to people saying what i've been thinking, but wording it oh so better than i ever could. course, i wasn't entirely in the rally mentality, still finding pointless photo ops, critiquing some of the speakers, and having a mini-paint fight with catherine. however, some of the speakers were really, really good. one, jasminder sharma, maybe? her name seems really familiar, and she had people who knew her in the crowd. she was talking about stopping racist attacks, how combatting terrorism with another form of terrorism was not the solution, etc etc. but she was incredible. there was a local NDP politian who also did an excellent job.

but the one fellow who impressed me the most was a reverend, didn't catch what church he was from. but he was born to be a reverend. he looked like a 1950s clean-cut reverend. {g} strong speaker, but what impressed me was that he actually got to the point where he said that we had to take God out of the discussion. he said that the mentality that the christian god is The One and the west had to convert all non-believers had to go, that that time had passed. by then, i was certain that i liked him. a reverand who'll allow the existance of other gods without judging them at all? awesome. i really wish i'd caught what denomination he was.

and then the final bonus of the day, meeting sean, "the guy who slept with aerin," who looked like the perfect cross between chris murphy and jay ferguson. the hair, the smile, the glasses, the eyes.... i tried not to stare too much. {g}

Sunday, September 23, 2001

(s/t: doris day, perhaps perhaps perhaps)

i will have a house in kitsilano. and then i will befriend the joyous latino family that lives down by the tracks, who will teach me to dance the rhumba. and i will have a dance partner with whom i will eventually fall in love with. but he won't look disturbingly similar to tony danza, allowing me to actually like him without freaking meself out.

and the floors in my house in kits will be polished hardwood, thereby allowing me to slide all over, even in dancing shoes!

and much fun will be had.

explanations here.

Saturday, September 22, 2001

(s/t: esquivel, cabaret mañana)
it's times like now that i wish i had a decent cable connection, so's i could actually watch video clips online.

of all of those, i've only seen Triumph of the Will, which is just bizarre. all the propoganda techniques are there, and yet it almost manages to pull you in. almost. but being the keen academic and critical mind that i am, i managed not to succumb to it all. yeah, whatever. (whatever happened to that sarcasm symbol for the internet?) the thing is, it's so blatantly propogandistic, you have to wonder how it worked, and yet... it did!

still have to watch Reefer Madness before returning it tomorrow. can't wait. {g}

(academic honesty time: propoganda link courtesy of once a student, always a student.)


Friday, September 21, 2001

(s/t: QMFM. pity me. i know their playlist like the back of my hand now. mind you, elton john's becoming rather catchy...)
forgot to make one comment last night.

to go along with my krycek and my mike schank, i need an alan cumming. (tee hee. go read the conan interview under "sex symbol.") he's deliciously sexy, but at the same time just plain sweet and adorable, he does silly roles, he's scottish, he does accents, he sings, he gets to wear some of the coolest outfits (look at his coat in Spy Kids. and in Titus. coupled with the swagger? could watch it all day long)....

so my birthday's coming up. pay attention, people!

(i was going to link a few pics to this entry, but i suddenly realised that searching for the word "cumming" while at work may not go over too well. course, i didn't realise that until i searched without "alan" and ended up with some scary-looking stuff. whoops! however, here are a few for anyone needing a fix.)

Thursday, September 20, 2001

alright. see those bars on the side? from the beginning, they were supposed to be full of links, only i was too lazy to get around to emailing people before linking to them. however, i've finally done it, and there's a few there. most of them, i intended on linking them from day one. some of 'em are surprise additions, at least to my way of thinking. and you may or may not know who you are. {g}

anyways. far from complete, but i have to be up before 7am, so that's it for now.
(s/t: spy kids, playing on the tv newly-placed in my room. whoo!)
bah. i had plans to make one last try to be friends with people, only now those may have been ruined, as mark coming to visit vancouver (and them) would make it seem as though i'm doing it just because of him. crappy timing.

on another note. i had the greatest busride home tonight. class ended 2 hours early, so it was pure luck ending up on that bus. i was sitting in the back corner, reading my book and listening to my music, as always, but a couple people sitting near me were talking loudly and caught my attention. this guy, my age, was discussing marijuana with the girl who'd sat down beside him, because he was holding a library book all about the history of marijuana. he was talking about the marijuana party, telling her (and the rest of us at that point) that he smoked pot for (basically) transcendental experiences and that she couldn't possibly understand it yet because she wouldn't have reached the turnpoint in her life, mentally. so basically he was a bit of a dick in his opinions, trying to piss some people off, but it was still terribly interesting. before long everyone in the back part of the bus, from us younguns to the late-60s guy sitting near me, had joined in. unfortunately one guy piped up with horribly misinformed opinions, and a big mouth to boot, who talked over everyone and discredited everyone's opinion but his own, and after pro-pot-dude got off the bus, explained to the rest of us that he didn't like the fact that "this sort of propoganda [which it so was not, it was opinion and discussion, nothing more] was being spread in a public place." a public place. when he could have just gone and sat at the front of the bus, which is what he eventually did when someone finally told him to just be quiet and let people talk when he kept interrupting people. but first he told everyone else that we were being unnecessarily rude to him. such a martyr. y'know, he reminded me of my mother.... at any rate. at least pro-pot-dude backed his comments up and was open to discussion. psycho-boy just wanted to be sure that his public domain only involved his own personal opinions.

but until he stepped in it was an incredibly interesting busride.

(an aside: finding a link for that was frustrating! every page i came across was either very pro- or very anti-pot. no middle ground. very annoying.)
it may be well-known to everyone and their dog, but i just found explodingdog, and have decided that i really like the idea. and i love the pictures. simple, colourful, and bizarre. love it. this one is my favourite of the new ones posted. and this one is simply one of my favourites, period. tee hee.

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

(s/t: belle & sebastian, cuz someone in an office nearby's playing it. yay!)
my two-minute ride to the bus-stop this morning was perfectly timed for me to find out that ernie coombs, aka Mr. Dressup has passed away. i was lucky enough to get to see (and technically meet, even if it was quickly) him when he came to SFU last year to film a "Life & Times" episode for the CBC. tickled me pink - he's one of my childhood idols! that was one of my favouritest kids shows. probably the favouritest. i always liked the fact that my li'l brother was 6 years younger, so when i got home from school i could get away with watching Mr. Dressup without seeming to be childish - daniel was watching it, not me! and while this is a few years old, it's a strange jumble of thoughts on Mr. Dressup i just found.

this, on the other hand, is simply amazing. and not in a good way. i know some people may be offended at some of the songs on there, but really, a large number of people who listen to those sorts of songs in the first place are not likely to find them offensive. on top of that, they were written long before the attacks, and most people are smart enough to realise that. i know, it's the playing of it that would be offensive, but come on. who's going to get up in arms over "imagine"? and while i may not like hearing "fly away" too often, i would never make another association than "ew, lenny kravitz." (mind you, the latest song's kinda catchy... what i heard of it yesterday, at least.) and "ob la di, ob la da"? i just... i don't get it.

silly people.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

(s/t: music emporium, nam myo renge kyo)
saw hedwig again and loved it even more this time around, watched the 50+ couple in the row ahead of us loving it almost as much and even singing along and clapping at the end, unexpectedly met up with celia, emily & their friend afterwards, heard Ben Folds Five playing "For Everyone Who Wears Fannypacks" (?) on the way home. good times....
(s/t: jonathan richman, vampire girl)
i'm working at ritchie bros again. and while it's nothing more than playing office bitch, it's fun. i enjoyed an hour and a half long lunch break commiserating with kim about family woes, and humouring her - her wedding is this weekend, and she's being very good about not going on about it! at any rate.

it's an industrial auctioneering company. i'm working at the salesite now, so i deal with people consigning equipment, picking it up, dropping it off, most of 'em your typical ageing trucker/logger/mechanic/whatever. talking with them, there's always a degree of flirtation to it, just because that's the role. they pretend to flirt, you pretend to answer in kind. they pretend to offer you the millions they'll spend the next day at the auction on an excavator for some godforsaken reason, and you'll pretend to be flattered and inside wish that they were serious, and that as soon as they handed the money over to you they would keel over and die, leaving you rich and without any ties. unfortunately it hasn't happened yet.

however. today, there was a guy who came in who played the game when he dropped off a contract and then left. EXCEPT! a minute later, he came back in, looking at me, made an excuse to be back in there that lynn answered, and as he turned to go out the door and she returned to the back, he looked at me and mouthed/mimed, "call me!"

and if i thought he had just been joking like most people, i wouldn't have felt so perturbed for the rest of the afternoon.

::shudders:: some people.....

Monday, September 17, 2001

(s/t: bedhead)
oh yeah. just got a phone call booking my training to work at the uni radio station, cjsf. thursday. if i can't make it, "whatever the reason, call. if you don't, it will be very very difficult to reschedule training." sounds vaguely threatening. but access to so much music! hominahomina...
(s/t: weezer, pinkerton)
just found out a friend is coming out this way next week. just read more musical tales of joy and was reminded of how wonderful it was to finally see the KitH documentary with jodi and sharon last night. just found out that i've been the subject of acute torture and lovin' every minute of it. i really should charge for these things.... just found a bag of licorice spirals from germany i'd forgotten about. just started listening to my new bedhead cd.

in five minutes, my mood improved immensely. gotta love it.

Sunday, September 16, 2001

grrr. i've been enjoying Sigur Rós of late, and while i know they're gaining more popularity around here, they were still basically my music. and then as i drove home, i heard them being played on xfm, one of the stations whose music is far from innovative by any stretch for the most part because they're usually too busy playing angsty white-boy rock.

how dare they take my music and spread it to the heathens without asking me first.
(s/t: rinocerose - la guitaristic)
it's a well-known fact that nothing lives longer than a month in my bedroom. except desert plants, but i even manage to get those things on their last legs.

spanikopita's died. she wasn't doing well, although i'm not sure why, unless she fell or something, because when i held her last she was dragging one leg a little, but whatever it was must have been more serious than that. i'm sad. i liked her.

this is why i should not have children.

Saturday, September 15, 2001

(s/t: geoff berner)
went to Anarcoustic Night down on commercial with catherine and sharon. show for the beginning of Sudden Death's new sub-division, Anarcoustic. sharon had fun. it was when geoff berner was setting up to start that we decided to actually get in the tavern. how was it, you ask? well.

geoff berner: solo singing, accompanied by accordian. heard him on co-op radio yesterday which is why i even knew about this. wonderful lyrics. {g} live, great. playing & singing was awesome, and it was a small tavern, so he small-talked between songs as well - very friendly guy. ended with a heart-wrenching rendition of "Part of Your World" that has forever changed the song for me.

mr. plow: a guy and his guitar. a guy who seems to be an eternal 11-year old, maturity-wise, at least in his songs. at first they were a little amusing, but i don't see him going platinum with songs about farts and incest. mind you, he did sing "Even Hitler Has a Girlfriend" which won him a few points by me, as well as "If You're Happy And You Know It...."

barry greenfield: accompanied by 3 guys in their mid-twenties, one of whom (chris) we think is related to barry, which would explain the strangeness of one old guy & three younguns. great set though. good music, a viola, a bass-player who we decided was peter parker, what with him looking so oddly buff yet geeky at the same time, and chris, the percussionist, who played oh so many different rattles and hand-drums, and even a didgiridoo. and then there was the fact that he reminded us of joey from degrassi high. {g} but really good music. the guy beside me was telling me that barry coulda been as big as neil young - he'd had big hits in the 60s but then dropped out of the music scene, but all his songs were gold.

and then, of course,
joey keithley himself: never seen him live before. always felt i should. punk rock legend with D.O.A., longtime political activist running for the Green Party during the past couple of elections, runs his own label, just one of those busy guys who can still have a rock band after growing up and get away with it. even though it was just him with a guitar, accompanied by another fellow on drums, he's totally a punk rocker. always will be, i suppose. all night long he'd been buzzing around, making sure things were running well. loudest set of them all, but lotsa fun. and he played "The Yuppie Has To Die." booyeah.

unfortunately catherine wasn't a fan of the music. we got to hear most of his set (including the ever-popular johnny cash cover) before i gave in and left, after geoff had recommended a couple bands to us, as well as invited us out to his gigs tonight and next week. and then once we got outside, barry & his posse were chatting on the sidewalk, and before we left we told 'em how much we liked it, told chris how much we liked the drumming (and the didgiridoo!), and took off. and before we'd made it to the end of the block, chris came running after us to invite us out to their gigs! both his and his other band's - a percussion collective, iirc? either way. sounded very cool. hopefully i'll be able to go.... and up close, he still looks like joey. just needs the hat. {g}

i should go see local bands more often. you actually talk to 'em, they're cheap, and they're good!

Friday, September 14, 2001

hey guess what! if you hit the esc key accidentally, it deletes the entire entry you just wrote! good to know.

what i was going to say: i'm confused. was war officially declared and i somehow just missed it? not a "war against terrorism." something actually specific. because as far as i understood, people are trying to figure out whodunnit, find a scapegoat, whatever, but no one was slinging bombs yet. however, everywhere i go, i'm seeing people talking about how "this is war," "allies," "WW3," and so on. and i'm not just talking about things from a day or two ago. things being written/said today. from blogs and scribbles all the way to articles in the New York Times, although i believe that TV & radio have mostly avoided those sorts of comments. at least, i haven't heard them yet.

and on top of that. when were the first and second world wars actually declared as being such? isn't, at this point, calling this "WW3" equal to calling a film an "instant masterpiece"? don't you think it's jumping the gun, #1 not actually being at war against anyone in particular yet (other than "terrorism," that great and threatening land you'll find if you turn left at the North Star), and #2 not even knowing if this will escalate into an actual war, not to mention who would all be involved?

just a thought....
(s/t: sigur rós)
there was one thing that i didn't get around to mentioning, despite the fact that it was one of the first things i noticed. don't know if i'll bother going into it in detail or not when i'm more awake, but i came across someone else who noticed the same thing:

"The most amazing, futuristic thing about the Current Situation is the amount of civilian-generated content and coverage, from amateur photos and videos to first-person accounts to grassroots survivor-lists to the passengers themselves, making wireless calls to the ground as they prepare to rush the cockpit. The world has changed. The filpside of the Orwellian nightmare of the panoptic surveillance society is the voracious data-gathering and republishing of the distributed world, a weird utopia of ubiquitous information and observation."

- from BoingBoing.
(s/t: belle & sebastian)
i greatly admire people who can dance without any regard to who's watching. or at least, not be intimidated by who might be watching.

in the end, i got to see Belle & Sebastian tonight afterall, the TMBG concert having been postponed. and i'm so glad i got to go. really, the entire time, as much as i do want to see TMBG, i really really wanted to see B&S. so, getting the general admission tickets at the last minute, jodi and i managed to snag ourselves some awesome seats, second row in the balcony. perfect view, and in the orpheum no less, which has both awesome sound and view. and a painted ceiling! thrills!

i think that for all the larger-venue (read: more expensively priced, because i think the commodore's smaller, but it's lumped in with the fancier shows) shows i've been to, that has to have been the friendliest. first song, the mike was given to a girl in the audience to sing the chorus, there was pointless chatter throughout, including an official Break wherein they asked the audience for a suggestion as to what to do - a joke, a cover tune & which song, whatever! and for one of the last songs they invited people onto the stage to dance away.

i'm so glad we went, even if the lack of an encore was surprising. wonderful show.

Thursday, September 13, 2001

(s/t: cafe tacuba)
in my utopias class today, the typical image of God was brought up, who lynn, the prof, quickly described as the big jolly white man in the sky, sorta like santa clause without the red. and as i was thinking about it, i realised that i don't think i've imagined what God looks like for a long time. in fact, God just didn't appear in my mind. God was hidden in the clouds, with a booming voice, of course accentuated by sound lines à la comic book coming from the clouds, but i never ever pictured God in any visible way. at least, not in the past however many years. don't think i have since i was 12, if not younger.

'twas just a very strange thing to realise.

on a related note, one girl mentioned this one study, where children were asked about both God and Santa Clause, and the study pointed out that pretty much everyone put both of them in the same sort of category - similar images, SC "up there" in the north pole, and God also "up there", just a little bit further "up." never really noticed the similarity there before, that God and Santa come from basically the same place in a child's mind.
take two.... and the final installment for now. slowly putting thoughts in order exactly what my issues are with this, rather than just be pissed off at the coverage without fully-articulated cause. and although i say it there as well, i am not full of anti-american-people sentiment. far from that. i can only imagine how this has affected some. however, my qualms are with the coverage, like i said both here and on scribble, and the absolute melodrama surrounding it, both justified and not. sorry for the flippant-sounding posts, but at the same time, that's what goes through my mind. can't help it, really. i meant no disrespect. mind you, i feel much better having spoken to some other people who had similar reactions to me today.

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

(s/t: greenfield main)
oh the irony: scribbles titled "words cannot suffice." long ones, at that. not to downplay the actual posts - i understand that people need to write things. s'not like i'm not. allow me my amusement. you'd smirk too if it was another situation.

read it if you want, don't if you've read too many other lengthy opinions lately - i don't blame you. but if you want to, my rant about all the coverage, that i've half alluded to already.

maybe i am heartless. i understand the tragedy and i mean no disrespect. but forgive me when i can't help but scoff at their styling title for it: Attack On America! it's straight out of a comic book. and with lines being said such as, "This is the second Pearl Harbour. I need not overstate this," let me just say that when this becomes a paragraph in the history books rather than a collection of opinions, as it appears to me at the moment, i'll be a little happier. yaaaaay media!
(s/t: sloan, if it feels good do it)
imagine dave foley playing the Man Of Destiny. who realises that the president of the united states of america is a lying, vicious bastard, and heads off to assassinate him, but gets distracted along the way. got it in your head?

coming out of class tonight, going along hastings to the bus stop. someone's out there power-washing the sidewalk with what looks like a floor-polisher, only it shoots water out as well. or at least, someone should be washing the sidewalk.

"hey -- that looks like fun!"

instead, he's standing aside, letting some student who was walking by have a go with it, showing him how to use it as the guy just watched his handiwork with glee. as i passed, the newcomer relinquished his toy, giving it back to the person who was actually being paid to do the job, thanking him for letting him try.

i was so tempted to ask for my turn, except that my bus was coming. still. made me laugh.
random news point scrolling across the bottom of the screen on CNN:
"Thousands gather across the nation in front of television screens in airports, bars, lounges, stores, shopping malls."

gee. what a surprise. because that's real newsworthy at this point. however. rather than mention all the silly things i have been hearing (i'm sure i'll do that later), the one snippet that made me cheer for a moment:

interviewing random people at the vancouver int'l airport, reactions, 'gee, how long have you been waiting around'-type of pointless filler (like much of today's news has been - and the more i see, the more amazed i am that they keep going), and they spoke to this one guy who didn't sound like he was older than i was, who worked for one of the security posts, checking people before they go to the waiting area. and he said the typical, "of course security needs to be tighter, it's amazing how easily you could get something through," yadda yadda yadda. and he went on to say that in order for security to be better, more money was going to have to go to the employees, because basically, if you want these people to take their jobs seriously, you're going to have to pay them enough, and that most people there could make more money flipping burgers. now i didn't realise security was underpaid, although i suppose i shouldn't be surprised, however the fact that he managed to get his grievances onto the national news amused me terribly. and kudos to him, too!

course, there was also the newscaster who pointed out with somewhat-humourous irony that when the twin towers were first opened in 1973, they actually claimed that the buildings would be able to withstand a plane crashing into them, they were so well-built. this of course led to a "well, that was the 70s, and they certainly don't make planes like they used to..." conversation. it's nice to know that the CBC knows how to make jokes as well - especially when they should be serious. my kinda people.....
(s/t: thrush hermit, oh my soul!; tom waites, the world keeps turning)
wow. didn't believe it was going on until i saw the tv meself. i know it's serious. but amongst all the other tragic facts i've learned, Major League Baseball is off, and more than that....


s'gotta be a tragedy then....

course, i'm hoping that we won't have any problems going to the TMBG show in seattle thursday, if we really do have a note on our file as i think we do. the woman was reading the computer screen a long time before actually talking to us last time we went through the border.

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

(s/t: bob dorough, three is the magic number)
just watched American Movie, a documentary of a fellow in milwaukee who's making his dream film, Northwestern. some highly entertaining bits.

but he has a friend, mike schank, who seems to be more a prop half the time, not moving other than the occassional blink and completely pointless comment.

after news broke that most of the flyers they had posted for the opening of their film had been taken down with old flyers for someone else, as the filmmaker was exclaiming how it didn't even make any sense!, mike piped up in his usual monotone, "well it made sense to them...." end of scene.

i want me a mike for a pet.

Sunday, September 09, 2001

(s/t: mr. t experience, even hitler had a girlfriend)
got a box of those chocolate-covered almonds for charity the other day, and i was reading the ingredients:


now i knew that they used it, but that's the first time i've seen that instead of the usual "carnuba wax". i always thought that shellac was a brandname.

suddenly things seem far less appetizing, even if they do taste good.

Saturday, September 08, 2001

(s/t: DJ Shadow, building steam with a grain of salt)
as i mentioned earlier, i went to the blinding light cinema tonight, watched the matrix dubbed with radiohead tracks. the place was packed. considering this is a theatre that is really more like someone's basement, only it's lacking a comfy couch or two, even though there were probably under 100 people there, they pulled in extra chairs so that everyone could watch. i love that place.

highly entertaining time. it was like a two hour music video, except that the music was good! there were parts that matched up really well (iron lung especially), and parts that just went on awhile (when morpheus goes on and on and on and on and as much as i might like the music, the visuals just got dull), but all in all, probably more enjoyable than watching the movie in its normal form. kenanu's (yes, typo intended) acting is....well. there are no words for it. i am astounded that he's paid as much as he is. and, contrary to popular opinion, his looks do not make up for his lack of skill.

at any rate. every time kenanu struck a pose, the room erupted in laughter. big surprise there, he looks like a goof. but the one that had everyone laughing the longest was when poor neo just can't take the truth after morpheus explains what the matrix really is in the white room, just as [nice dream] starts up with its happy intro. the music, coupled with kenanu's attempt at acting....priceless. and then there was the perfect timing of one song ending just in time for "i know kung fu," and all the laugh-worthy poses thereafter. 'twas an evening of hilarity, indeed.

that movie though. it's fun to watch, the effects are awesome, carrie-anne moss rocks, the leather.... ooh, the leather.... except on kenanu. and i still don't understand, why does she get the shiny more-constrictive leather coat while mr superstar gets a relaxed probably-cotton black trench coat. better the leather on her than him imho, but i just don't understand why they didn't go for the cool leather for kenanu. you'd think they'd do as much as they could, considering....

but enough diatribe. matrix + radiohead = good times. now i just have to see the wizard of oz and the dark side of the moon. although i do know that 2001: a space odessey also goes very well with pink floyd. *very* well.
whenever i get around to putting out my own cd, i'm going to arrange the songs on it alphabetically. dunno how many songs'll be on it, or if the order will even suit. but it's all the more fun if it doesn't.
btw, to avoid confusion, no, i'm not talking about the GayGore night. although i'm sure that'd be strange as well. SCROLL DOWN TO SEPTEMBER 7TH.
check it out. scroll down to what's on tonight, september 7th.

of course i'm going! how could i miss something as bizarre as that?

Friday, September 07, 2001

(s/t: chanticleer, ave maria)
jodi has already heard all this, so she's allowed to skip it. but i have the need to post it, get it out of my system for once and for all. and hey - i can edit it as i figure more things out!

brief background: in high school, i was really good friends with this one person, barbara, who by the end of grade 12 had moved on from being friends with any of us without so much as a goodbye. and those of us that are still friends occassionally see her, and she always seems to be happy to see us, but then again... the last update was, she did what she could to avoid making eye contact with ivana. people change. you just normally don't expect them to cut you out of your life without a word of explanation or warning. at any rate. without further ado:

proof that barbara and paul are one and the same:

- tall
- wore contacts
- dog person
- wanted to work w/ horses
- greatly attached to her music
- always had a friendly facade
- silently held things against people
- didn't always tell people when she had issues with 'em
- decided to drift away from friends while pretending to be one of the group, making comments to the few she "still liked" (being me)
- never ever showed that anything was wrong on the surface
- appeared to be one of those people you could trust
- girl
- hypocrite

- tall
- wore contacts
- dog person
- worked w/ horses
- greatly attached to his music
- always seemed to have a friendly facade
- silently held things against people
- didn't tell people when he had issues with them
- decided to drift away from people without letting them know. just made veiled, lame excuses instead.
- never ever showed that anything was wrong on the surface
- appeared to be one of those people you could trust
- acts like a super-sensitive girl
- asshole

the proof seems to be there.... so i guess that's what's happened to barbara lately! sex-change operations must be cheaper these days....

Thursday, September 06, 2001

you missed it. i tried to make javascript work for me.

it didn't.

so we're back to the banal once more.

(s/t: mohammed rafi - jaan pehechaan ho)
it never fails. don't bring my camera with me, and i'll see a ton of photo ops, and meet people worthy of being photographed. tragic, really.

today i met a man who was an inventor. he'd invented a way to get rid of cancer (he coughed it out of his lungs all by himself!), to get rid of AIDS (i have to admit, my mind wandered at that point, so i sorta missed that solution), and a way to fix the deserts - water them! at that point i couldn't help but laugh, and when he started to take offense, i explained that it just seemed so obvious that it was amazing no one had thought of that one before. he understood and was just as shocked as i was that no one else had thought of it. and then he sang me a couple of songs that he'd written by divine inspiration years back, about big tits. finally, after all of this, just so that i'd always know when i was talking to someone as rockin' as him, he taught me his secret handshake. slap hands, bang your elbows, then down to the normal handshake.

i was awed. and managed to miss my bus because of it all.
i just realised that since i last had a course downtown, they've opened up a 7-11 a block up the street. school is now as it should be - with slurpees!
(s/t: NIN, the fragile)

i just walked past the radio station, full of people. thought that i really should go in and ask what i could do.

but i just kept walking. i annoy even meself.

Wednesday, September 05, 2001

on second thought, try downloading those songs. and if you can actually find them anywhere, let me know. damn obscure music....

mind you, if you want a nice choral piece, go for chanticleer singing ave maria. it's almost traditional. almost.
(s/t: old country tunes from the ghost world soundtrack. d/l the scalding hot coffee rag.)
i left my first World Music course smiling tonight. absolutely loved it! the prof, sal, loves the course passionately, and seems to live for telling us all about the different music. and the funny thing is, even though it's a 300-level course in the fine arts department, there aren't any real prereq's, so he's explaining things in the most basic way possible so that the non-music people understand. there were times that i wished he'd just use the proper terminology, but at the same time, the fact that it doesn't matter, and the fact that he's describing things and still getting the meaning across without resorting to official terms is all the more impressive.

at any rate. we listened to music from all over, we talked about it, we discussed his differences between "beat" and "pulse" (the counted rhythm vs the felt rhythm of a piece of music), and then to further explain it, after listening to a piece from ghana, he had the class divided into four sections, and each section had a different beat to drum out, be it through clapping, using whatever you could find in your bags to make a bell-like sound, stomping your feet, or beating the desks and books. we were performing the thing for a full 20 minutes. very very cool.

and after all that, we listened to one indian piece that was absolutely incredible when you start paying attention to the beat, or just trying to hang onto it. i know that it was all the more amazing simply because sal was so ecstatic about the music in the first place, and he was building it up for us, but still. download Talavadya Kacceri by Trichy Sankaran and just listen to it. try to keep a steady beat. and then try to figure out how on earth he manages to say that one word without choking himself. and then download Wayugiri Swara for some really neat balinese gamelan music.

don't know whether to bother trying to get into the holocaust course or not (chances being slim to none of getting in), dunno whether to try to get into the women & film course on thursday, don't know whether to keep the feminist theory & fine arts course, but i definately know that i'm keeping this one. if only for the many many songs i'll have to download before this year is over! {g}

Tuesday, September 04, 2001

and i just have to say, the theme to ghost world is beautifully haunting. go download it. by david kitay, i believe.
(s/t: louvin brothers)

the images are acting funny, one of the bars simply will not be anything but green no matter what i do (although that may just be on my screen, who knows), and i have to figure out how to either rename or resize the archive link. other than that, i think everything's basically ironed out. enough so that you can read it. hurrah and huzzah for me!

there've been so many things i wanted to post about the past few days, but now that i finally can, nothing springs to mind. quel pain. so instead, a quick rundown on how i am.

tired. unemployed for the next two weeks. dreading school restarting. unsure whether to take the women & utopias course with the 20 page final paper or the holocaust class with another huge paper, or the women in film class which i believe is full at the moment anyways. so that decision may have been already made. pissed off terribly for being brushed off, but we're dealing with that. dreading yet another jedi tunic sewing project. i need to make something for meself to remind meself that i actually like sewing. needing to get rid of still more junk. needing to do something creative. wanting to make a movie, although i have no clue what about. wanting a grilled cheese sandwich, this far from being burnt. looking forward to taking the bus everywhere again. wanting to find the song "satan is real" by the louvin brothers, so if you have a copy, send it to me! very very very impressed by memento after watching it last night. go rent it - it's out as of tomorrow. dreadfully amused by jay and silent bob strike back. needing to see blow and a knight's tale. and did i mention tired?

Monday, September 03, 2001

(s/t: radiohead, cuttooth)
so after some playing around, this is what we've got. works for now, i think. if i can just get used to this sort of posting, everything'll be dandy!

i should have been asleep hours ago.

alright. scribble's been down for how many days straight, and i'm just a tad annoyed that i can't post. so instead, i will learn how to use this. so testing testing one two three!